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[san-tech][02520] Re: Intel Larrabee路線変更

Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2010 22:41:25 +0900
[san-tech][02860] Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) at SC '10 (Re: Intel Larrabee路線変更)
[san-tech][02353] Re: Intel Larrabee路線変更
[san-tech][02332] Intel Larrabee路線変更
[san-tech][02352] Re: Intel Larrabee路線変更

HPCWireに、The Portland Groupの Senior compiler engineerの Michael Wolfe

"Compilers and More: Knights Ferry Versus Fermi", August 05, 2010
 Michael Wolfe, Compiler Engineer, The Portland Group, Inc.

  Review: Intel MIC
  Review: NVIDIA Fermi
  Comparison: Parallelism
  Comparison: Parallelism Model
  Comparison: Memory Organization
  Comparison: Support for Parallelism
  Comparison: Programming Tools
  Comparison: Technology
  Accelerators in HPC

※Knights Ferry は Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC)のコード名です
冒頭の "In my last column," は以下だと思います:

"Compilers and More: A Computing Larrabee", October 29, 2009

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