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[san-tech][03164] IBMの 2010年度の研究開発投資は $6B (約 4820億円)

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 23:33:53 +0900
IBMの 2010年度の研究開発投資は $6 Billion (約 4820億円) だったそうです。

"IBM spends $6 billion to keep industry lead"
 Poughkeepsie (IBM城下町の新聞)

  "Cellphone 3-D imaging. Batteries powered by air. Reusing
   supercomputer-generated heat to power air conditioners.

   This isn't the stuff of science fiction, but the innovations IBM
   is aiming for in the coming years.

   The Armonk-based provider of computer services reportedly spent
   $6 billion on research, development and engineering in 2010."

以下は IBM Poughkeepsie勤務の Patrick Meaney氏へのインタビューがメイン
です (全 3ページ)。彼は、
  "His duties today include working on the reliability of the System z
   mainframe memory."

$6 Billionの出典は IBM Annual Report 2010です。記事によると

IBM R&D spending
  2010 $6 billion
  2009 $5.82 billion
  2008 $6.33 billion

IBM U.S. Patents
  2010 5,896
  2009 4,914
  2008 3,125

Poughkeepsie, New York
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_New_York
Industry and media,_New_York#Industry_and_media

IBM Annual Report 2010

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