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[san-tech][02027] PGS UKサーバールーム表彰 (2009年度)

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 00:33:20 +0900
PGS UKのサーバールーム (あえてデータセンターと呼びません) が、
2009年度の 3つの表彰を受賞しました。

まずは PGS UKサーバールーム紹介ビデオを見つけました
Data Centre Tour, 2009年08月27日 (解説付き)
※残念ながら、ユーザにより削除されてました (2011/06/13)
November 2009: Keysource win at the UK IT Industry Awards
December 2009: Keysource win at the Information Age Awards
December 2009: Data Centre Dynamics Leaders Awards

UK IT Industry Awards 2009 - 2009 Winners
Project Excellence Awards
  Environmental Project of the Year
  Winner: Europe's most efficient Data Centre - PGS / Keysource

Information Age Awards
"Green IT Innovation Award", 10 December 2009
 "Keysouce took the Green IT Innovation prize in the Information
  Age Innovation Awards with its data centre airflow management system"
 "The PGS site has achieved an annual average power usage effectiveness
  (PUE) ratio - a measure of how much power pumped into a data centre
  facility ends up supporting actual IT workloads - of 1.19. Cole says
  that has been recognised by the team behind the European Union's Data
  Centre Code of Conduct programme as the lowest of any data centre in
  ※PUEの年間平均が 1.9はすごいと思います。

"Keysource win 'Green IT Innovation of the Year' category at
 Information Age Awards"

Datacentre Leaders' Awards 2009

Innovation in Data Centerは規模別となっています (UK/Ireland限定)

Micro-Data Center: House under 20 racks
  Bristol City Council - The 'Council House' modular data centre

Medium-Data Center: Housing between 20 and 500 racks,
  Petroleum Geo Services - The Weybridge Data Centre
  ※条件と技術 (運用) があれば、中規模でも自然冷却でも対応できます。

Mega-Data Center: House over 500 racks
  Microsoft - Microsoft DB3 Data Centre
  Microsoft DB3 Datacentre, RKD Architects
 "Microsoft’s Chiller-less Data Center", September 24th, 2009
 "Inside Microsoft’s Dublin Mega Data Center", September 28th, 2009
 "Dublin Data Center Celebrates Grand Opening", September 24, 2009

  Datacenter Transformation
    Fujitsu, Infrastructure-as-a-Service - Project Triumph

設計・施工業者 (Keysource Ltd) による事例紹介:
The UK's most efficient data centre
  "A CFD image depicting the air temperatures at full deployment"
  事前に念入りな CFDモデリングで検証しています。

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Design Verification
"How CFD can help gain the most efficient data centre designs", keystone
  Keystone社の CFDプレゼンテーション資料です。

Keysource Blog

Clinton Porter, Communications Director for Keysource Ltdの Blog
"Europes first annualised PUE of 1.2", 2009 October 8
 "Europe’s first annualised PUE of 1.2 has been released for a data
  centre designed, built and managed by Keysource of Horsham. It is
  the facility for PGS at Weybridge just outside London."
"1.2 is the new 2.0 (PUE that is)", 2009 October 10
 "The latest to join the "1.2 club" is NetApp with a 36,000-square-foot
  data centre with 2,166 racks of IT kit and a designed power load of
  nearly 25MW."

"Engineering rethink slashes energy requirement for cooling data centre"
 Published:  April 2009

実際のコンピュータ室の広さ (体積) は公開されていないようですが、
PGS UKのある The Heights, Weybridge地区の Webページです (音あり)
The Heights Brooklands,
Offices to let in Weybridge, Commercial property in Surrey
PGSは 4号棟です
※まだ空きがあります (3号棟ま一棟まるまる空いてます)。

これも以前紹介した、The Green Gridの資料です:

Japanese Fresh Air Cooling Low Res Map, August 30, 2009
North American Fresh Air Cooling Low Res Map, April 08, 2009
European Fresh Air Cooling Low Res Map, October 01, 2009

実際には立地場所にかなり依存しますが、関東~関西で 5500 ~ 6000時間
(229 ~ 250日/年) と推定されています。米国メキシコ湾沿岸よりは有利です。


"The Fujitsu London North Datacentre", 14 Apr 2009"
  Award: Winner - Innovation in the Mega-Data Centre 2008
 "Officially opened in June 2008, Fujitsu’s new 1,600 rack datacentre
  is Europe’s first to be given confirmed, official Tier III
  certification by the Uptime Institute, offering full concurrent
  maintainability and 100% UPS backed continuous cooling and IT systems."
 "It has a world-beating annual average PUE of 1.27, rising only to
  1.41 even on a design day."

DatacenterDynamics TV Media Player
Fujitsu, North London - The building of Europe's first TUI certified
Tier 3 Data Center, 11 Nov 2008

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