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[san-tech][02675] Solarflare: TCP/UDP Low Latencyミドルウェア提供, 2010/09/22

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 19:15:46 +0900

"Solarflare Releases EnterpriseOnload Application Acceleration Middleware"
 September 22, 2010

  "announced today the release of its EnterpriseOnload application
   acceleration middleware. Solarflare’s EnterpriseOnload is a
   Linux-based, open source, high-performance application accelerator
   that reduces application latency by 50 percent and increases
   message rates by 3 to 4 times." ..... "The latest EnterpriseOnload
   release includes three new features important to customers:
   performance enhancements that deliver lower latency, 802.1Q virtual
   LAN (VLAN) trunking support for manageability and separation of IP
   traffic, and 802.1ad Link Aggregation support for higher bandwidth,
   load balancing and redundancy."

  "EnterpriseOnload distinguishes itself from OpenOnload through an
   annual subscription model, which includes a number of valuable
   benefits and services, such as validated source code, documentation,
   bug fixes and regular releases. Most importantly, EnterpriseOnload
   offers three levels of service and technical support that range from
   basic business day response to premium 24/7 worldwide support.
   Solarflare customers will continue to have access to OpenOnload from"

Technical Report
"Solarflare 10GbE Server Adapters with OpenOnload"

Superior Latency Performance
*)Less than 2μsec wire to application socket UDP receive latency
  the lowest in the industry
*)Less than 2.5μsec application socket call to wire TCP transmit latency
  the lowest in the industry

*)POSIX API compatible
*)Fully compatible with TCP/IP protocols
*)Fully Ethernet compatible - no need to use RDMA or iWARP to accelerate

Boosts Performance of Popular Applications
*)29West Latency Busters Messaging (LBM), NYSE WBF,
  IBM WLLM and custom applications

Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency
*)Less than half the power of leading competitors

[san-tech][02618] 10GbEプレスリリース 3件 (Solarflare, Chelsio, Myricom) とか
> "Solarflare Announces New Midrange Server Adapter Products Based on
>  its SFC9000 10 Gigabit LAN-On-Motherboard Controller"
>  September 8, 2010

> 10G Ethernet controllers, LAN-on-Motherboard (LOM)
> Solarflare Solarstorm SFC9000 10GbE LOM/Controller Family

> "Solarflare claims integrated 10GBASE-T LOMs first", 24th August 2009

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 18:24:09 +0900
上のミドルウェアの元になった OpenOnloadのベンチマークが Arista

"10G Ethernet: The Foundation for Low-Latency, Real-Time Financial
 Services Applications and Other, Future Cloud Applications"

Host Adapter Solutions, Arista Networks

"OpenOnload, A user-level network stack", Google TechTalk, February 2008

が Solarflare社製チップ搭載 NICしか対応していないのが残念です。

"Experiences implementing a high performance TCP in user-space"
 Aled Edwards, Steve Muir,
 Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Filton Rd, Bristol, UK
 ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review Volume 25, Issue 4 (October 1995)

High-Speed TCP Variants, r30 - 18 Aug 2010
Large TCP Windows, 23 Jul 2009
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), r21 - 05 Sep 2009
"OpenOnload Overview"
 MAY 16, 2011, Up and Down the Network Stack. Solarflare CTO Blog

  "... we finally got around to writing up an architectural introduction
   to OpenOnload.  As well as putting some written words to the diagrams
   of the talk, there is a serious message here, which is that true
   application transparency for POSIX with protocols like TCP isn't
   something that can be bolted on like an after-thought. So when Lee and
   friends next try to persuade you otherwise," ...

White Paper
"Introduction to OpenOnload?Building Application Transparency and
 Protocol Conformance into Application Acceleration Middleware"
 Steve Pope, PhD, Chief Technical Officer
 David Riddoch, PhD, Chief Software Architect
 Solarflare Communications

"The OpenOnload User-level Network Stack"
 2008/02/15, GoogleTechTalks, 1:34:39, 240p
 Speaker: Steven Pope, CTO at Solarflare Communications.

Solarflare's OpenOnload Presentation to the French Network Operators Group (FRnOG)
 11 March 2011?
"Solarflare and OpenOnload"

High Performance Computing (HPC)
High Frequency Trading

"Solarflare Showcases SR-IOV for Citrix XenServer at Citrix Synergy 2011"
 May 24, 2011

Cloud Networking and Virtualization

Solution Brief
"Solarflare 10G Ethernet Server Adapters Deliver Unified Single-Root I/O
 Virtualization (SR-IOV) for Redhat Linux KVM"
 May 2011
Strategic Direction
"Solarflare 10G Ethernet Server Adapters Deliver Unified Single-Root I/O
 Virtualization (SR-IOV) for Citrix XenServer "Project Boston""
 May 2011
[san-tech][02681] 講演資料:2010 High Performance Computing Financial Markets Show and Conference (2010/09/20)
[san-tech][03099] Low Latency Driver Software (Myricom & Mellanox)
[san-tech][03116] Chelsioからも Low Latency 10GbE NIC

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