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[san-tech][02658] Violin Memory: 40TB 3U MLC Flash Storage発表

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 01:14:19 +0900
[san-tech][02186] Violin Memoryに東芝が出資
[san-tech][02334] Violin Memory製品ラインナップを刷新

Violin Memoryから 3Uで 40TB MLC Flash Storageが発表されました:

"Violin Memory Quadruples Data Center Density with 40TB Capacity Flash
 Memory Array", September 20, 2010

  "The Violin 3140 is a high capacity MLC based modular 3U Memory
   Array that delivers 40TB of flash, enabling significant data center
   consolidation. Compared to today's performance of hard disk drive
   (HDD) based arrays, the Violin 3140 provides five times greater
   rack density (500TB/rack) and performance with 1/5th the latency
   and power."

Violin 3140

3200シリーズは SLC NANDを採用しています:
Violin 3200
"The Violin 3200 is a redundant, modular 3U memory array that scales
  from 500GB to 10TB SLC NAND Flash"
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[san-tech][02811] "Violin Memory Accelerates Network Storage with First Multi-Terabyte NFS Cache", November 16, 2010

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