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[Links] Intel Ethernet Switch Silicon

"Intel shows off Seacliff Trail SDN-enabled switch"
 12th September 2012, The Register
  "The FM6764 ASIC supports OpenFlow 1.0 control protocols and VXLAN,
   the extended LAN virtualization protocol espoused by VMware that puts
   a Layer 2 overlay on top of Layer 3 networks so virtual network links
   don't break as virtual machines flit across data centers. The Fulcrum chip
   also supports the NVGRE alternative that Microsoft, Intel, Dell, and
   Hewlett-Packard have offered."

"Intel Demonstrates Complete SDN Solution at IDF"
 2012/09/10, Gary Lee : Wired Ethernet
  "... our new SDN-enabled Intel Ethernet FM6764 switch silicon first hand in
   a top of rack switch reference design code named Seacliff Trail."

"How Intel Supports the Network within a Network"
 2012/08/28, Gary Lee : Wired Ethernet

Intel Ethernet Products, Ethernet Controllers, Switch Silicon,
Converged Network and Server Adapters

Intel Ethernet Switch Silicon
Intel Ethernet Switch Silicon FM6000
Intel Ethernet Switch FM7000 Family

"Intel Ethernet Switch FM6000: SDN with OpenFlow"
 White Paper
"The Intel FM7000 Ethernet switch builds upon the FM6000 features
 to not only support SDN, but also several advanced tunneling protocols."

Wired Ethernet Community, Intel
"How Intel Delivers Low Latency Ethernet Switching",
 2012/05/22, Gary Lee, Wired Ethernet Blog
"New Ethernet Switch Software Unleashes Innovative Features",
 2012/06/05, Recep Ozdag, Wired Ethernet Blog
"Intel is Taking Software-Defined Networking to Interop Tokyo",
 2012/06/13, Recep Ozdag, Wired Ethernet Blog
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