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[san-tech][02493] HP “butterfly” Datacenter (HP Flexible Data Center)

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 02:42:44 +0900

"HP Flexible Data Center Reduces Clients' Upfront Capital Investment
 Requirements by Half, Optimizes Resource Use", July 27, 2010

  "HP today introduced a new way for clients to cut capital investment
   requirements for the design and build of data centers in half while
   significantly decreasing their carbon footprint."

HP Flexible DC "butterfly" design
  "HP Flexible DC is based on a "butterfly" design featuring four
   prefabricated quadrants, or modules, that stem off a central
   administrative section. The offering uses industrial components to
   improve cost efficiencies as well as a streamlined building process
   with a variety of options for power and cooling distribution."

HP Flexible Data Center, Critical Facilities Services

White papers
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Critical Facilities Services

"HP introduces Butterfly Flexible Data Center design, reducing
 CAPex by 50%", Jul 27, 2010
"HP Butterfly Flexible Data Center,
 Part 2 - 20 year NPV 37% lower than traditional", Jul 27, 2010

Green (low carbon) Data Center Blog

"HP says prefab data center cuts costs in half", JULY 27, 2010,1

Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2010 21:26:13 +0900

関連ビデオが YouTubeで公開されてました:

"The Data Center Value Meal - HP",  2010年07月27日

  " - Introduces HP's FlexDC, a flexible data center
   that reduces time and cost by allowing choices from a strictly
   defined "menu" of electrical and mechanical systems and type of

HP Critical Facilities Services

HPは、2007年末にデータセンター関連コンサルティング企業 (EYP MCF) を

"HP to Expand Data Center Services with Acquisition of Global Consulting
 Company EYP Mission Critical Facilities", Nov. 12, 2007
"HP、データセンター関連コンサルティング企業を買収", 2007年11月13日

"環境配慮だけでなく,企業成長に結びつくデータセンターが必要 --- 米EYP MCF"

日本 HPの関連プレスリリース:
「HP DCTポートフォリオ」を日本で展開開始", 2008年6月2日
データセンター・トランスフォーメーション, 日本 HP

 データセンター建設の設計段階からコンサル、日本HP", 2008/06/02

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