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[san-tech][02519] ACM SIGCOMM 2010 (2010/08/30 - 09/03) Data Center Networks発表情報

Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2010 12:17:08 +0900
2010年 8月 30日 ~ 9月 3日に開催された
ACM SIGCOMM 2010, August 30 - September 3

での Data Center Networks系発表の情報です。


Session 2: Data Center Networks
  (Chair: Jitu Padhye, Microsoft Research Redmond)

"Generic and Automatic Address Configuration for Data Center Networks"
  Kai Chen (Northwestern University) ... Wenfei Wu (Microsoft Research Asia)
"Symbiotic Routing in Future Data Centers"
  Hussam Abu-Libdeh (Cornell University) ... Austin Donnelly (Microsoft Research Cambridge)
"Data Center TCP (DCTCP)"
  Mohammad Alizadeh (Stanford University ... Murari Sridharan (Microsoft Research)

Session 10: Novel Technologies for Data Center Networks
  (Chair: Chuanxiong Guo, Microsoft Research Asia)

"c-Through: Part-time Optics in Data Centers"
  Guohui Wang (Rice University) ... Michael Ryan (Intel Labs Pittsburgh)
"Helios: A Hybrid Electrical/Optical Switch Architecture for Modular Data Centers"
  Nathan Farrington (UC San Diego) ... Amin Vahdat (UC San Diego)
"Scalable Flow-Based Networking with DIFANE"
  Minlan Yu (Princeton University) ... Jia Wang (AT&T Labs - Research)

"Generic and Automatic Address Configuration for Data Center Networks"

Data Center Networking at MSRA
Chuanxiong Guo, LEAD RESEARCHER, Wireless and Networking Group, Microsoft Research Asia
Talks, Chuanxiong Guo

Hussam Abu-Libdeh, PhD student, Dept. of Computer Science, Cornell University
※Microsoft Researchでのインターンシップの成果です

Antony Rowstron, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research Cambridge

CamCube: A key-centric data center
Cambridge Systems and Networking: People, Microsoft Research

"DCTCP: Efficient Packet Transport for the Commoditized Data Center"
 Mohammad Alizadeh, et al. January 2010, UnPublished

Cloud Faster, Microsoft research
※DCTCPと TCPの比較ビデオがあるのですが、私の IE, Safariでは再生出来ません。

[san-tech][03163] Data Center TCP, Stanford大学
Guohui Wang, PhD student, Dept. of Computer Science, Rice University

"The Impact of Virtualization on Network Performance of Amazon EC2 Data Center,"
 Guohui Wang, and T. S. Eugene Ng, IEEE INFOCOM'10

T. S. Eugene Ng, Associate Professor, Rice University

Nathan Farrington, PhD student, University of California, San Diego

"Data Center Switch Architecture in the Age of Merchant Silicon"
 Nathan Farrington, Erik Rubow, and Amin Vahdat
 IEEE Symposium on High-Performance Interconnects 2009
  "How do you build a 3,456-port Ethernet switch out of commodity parts?"

Amin M. Vahdat, Science Applications International Corporation Chair

Systems and networking group at UCSD
Systems and Networking Publications (Archive)

Triton Data Center Networking

Minlan Yu, PhD student, Dept. of Computer Science, Princeton University

Jennifer Rexford, Professor, Princeton University


"PortLand: A Scalable Fault-Tolerant Layer 2 Data Center Network Fabric"
 Radhika Niranjan Mysore (UCSD ), et al.,  ACM SIGCOMM 2009

"VL2: A Scalable and Flexible Data Center Network"
 Albert Greenberg (Microsoft Research), et al.  ACM SIGCOMM 2009
※James R. Hamilton氏の名前は Webから消えています)

"Energy Proportional Datacenter Networks", 2010/08/01

"BCube: A High Performance, Server-centric Network Architecture for Modular
 Data Centers"
 Chuanxiong Guo (Microsoft Research Asia), et al., ACM SIGCOMM 2008

"DCell: A Scalable and Fault-Tolerant Network Structure for Data Centers"
 Chuanxiong Guo (Microsoft Research Asia), et al., ACM SIGCOMM 2008

Talks, Chuanxiong Guo (Microsoft Research Asia)


First ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Green Networking, August 30, 2010


"Energy Proportionality of an Enterprise Network"
 Priya Mahadevan, Sujata Banerjee, and Puneet Sharma, HP Labs

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