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[Slides/Papers]: Panasas, Object-Based Storage Device, Cray DVS, Berkeley RAID, Sprite OS Project (Log-Structured File Systems), InCast and etc.

Gold Sponsorship session (Panasas)
 Chris Weeden, Panasas
 HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference, September 13th, 2012

HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference, September 13th, 2012

"Intelligent Application of SSDs to Accelerate HPC Workloads"
 October 01, 2012
 HPCwire, Sponsored Content by Panasas

Webinars, Panasas
"SSD-Accelerated Scale-out NAS"
 Geoffrey Noer, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Panasas

"Panasas Unveils New Storage Appliance with SSD Acceleration"
 September 17, 2012, Michael Feldman, HPCwire

  ActiveStor 14:  (2x4TB HDD + 120GB SSD +  8GB cache) x 10 : $125K
  ActiveStor 14:  (2x4TB HDD + 300GB SSD +  8GB cache) x 10 : $145K
  ActiveStor 14T: (2x2TB HDD + 480GB SSD + 16GB cache) x 10 : $160K
  *) + One Director Blade

"Panasas Introduces ActiveStor 14"
 SSD-Accelerated Scale-out NAS Appliance Delivers Extreme Bandwidth and
 Small File Performance for Big Data Workloads
 Sept. 17, 2012

ActiveStor 14
ActiveStor 14 Accelerated by SSD Technology
New in PanFS 5

"The Benefits of Object RAID"
 September 14, 2011, Brent Welch, CTO, Blog

"Faster Memory, Faster Compute"
 Structure: Data 2012, March 22, 2012, 2:50 PM
 Moderated by: Rich Brueckner - President, inside-BigData
    Gary Grider - Deputy Division Leader, HPC Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Garth Gibson - Co-Founder and CTO, Panasa

"Another big obstacle to exascale computing: resilience"

Resilience: Another Big Obstacle to Exascale Computing

"Video: HPC Panel at Structure: Data"
 03.28.2012, insideHPC

Structure: Data 2012, March 21 -22, 2012

"Future Forms of Solid State Technology"
 March 26, 2012, Panasas Blog
"Garth Gibson on Future Forms of Solid State Technology"

"Panasas kingpin: What's the solid state state of play?"
 Garth Gibson on HPC - buffering the brute-force burst
 29th March 2012, The Register

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Panasas Parallel File System (2004, 07, 08)
Panasas System & pNFS (2011)
Cray DVS (Data Virtualization Service) & Panasas
Object-Based Storage Device
Berkeley RAID
Sprite OS Project (Log-Structured File Systems)
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