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[san-tech][03086] SeaMicro (Intel Atom高集積サーバ) Mozilla事例報告

Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 19:45:09 +0900
[san-tech][03170] Calxeda (ARMベース大規模サーバ開発中) がソフトウェアイニシアチブを結成+SeaMicro Hadoop事例
[san-tech][02987] SeaMicro: 64bit版 Atom採用マシン発表 (トータル 512コア)
Intel Atomプロセッサを採用した高集積サーバー SeaMicro社の Mozillaでの

"SeaMicro Servers Power Launch of Firefox 4"
 May 13th, 2011

  "When the Mozilla Corporation rolled out Firefox 4, the browser
   wasn't the only new technology making its debut. The launch was
   powered by new servers from SeaMicro that use about a quarter of
   the power and space of most commercial servers."

Atom Servers Power Download Portal
  "Mozilla has been using SeaMicro's SM-10000 server to power its
   download portal, which redirects users to the many mirror sites
   for Firefox. Users have download more than 156 million copies of
   the browser since its official launch on March 22. ...."

  "During major Firefox launches, Mozilla's network handles traffic
   spikes of up to 15 gigabits per second, according to Fitzhugh.
   "We get huge amounts of traffic," said Fitzhugh, who said the
   SeaMicro servers handled the load with no difficultiesd."
*)Justin Fitzhugh, the outgoing Vice President of Operations at Mozilla

Power as Number One Issue
  "Performance was crucial, but where the new hardware really
   delivered was on power efficiency. The SeaMicro production servers
   used just 0.02 watts of electricity per browser request, Fitzhugh
   said, compared to 0.17 watts per request for the HP C7000 blade
   servers they replaced."

'Simplified Our Infrastructure'
  ""Our investment in SeaMicro has already paid tremendous dividends,"
   said Fitzhugh. "We are drawing on the order of one-fifth the power
   per HTTP request, and using less than one-fourth the space."

Mozillaは 2010年 6月からベータ版 (32bit Sigle-core)を使用しているので、
2011年 2月に発表された 64bit Dual-core版では得意な用途も違うかもしれ
ません (特に搭載メモリサイズの差が出てきそうです)。

The SM10000 Family of High Density, Low Power Servers, SeaMicro

Case Studies
"Slashes Power Draw and Operating Expense While Increasing Compute
 Density and Reliability with the SeaMicro SM10000."

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