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[san-tech][02983] ラック装着型冷却器レポート (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2010)

Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 22:35:42 +0900
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) の方々を中心とした、ラック

このプロジェクトでは以下の 8システムを比較検討しています (長文です)

  APC: Rack Air Containment System/Hot Aisle Containment System
  Vette: RDHX Passive Rear Door
  RITTAL: LCP+ Contained Solution
  knurr: CoolThem/CoolLoop
  IBM: iDataPlex
  Liebert: Libert XDR Passive Rear Door, XDP/XDV/XDH
  Sun: Rear Door Cooling, Modular Datacenter (SunMD)
  Clusterd System Company (Liebert XDS): Direct Touch Cooling Rack

Library, High-Performance Buildings for High-Tech Industries, LBNL

Technical Publications
"Demonstration of Alternative Cooling for Rack-Mounted Computer Equipment."
 Coles, Henry C, LBNL, July 2010 (58 Page)
 California Energy Commission. Publication number: CEC-500-2010-XXX
※Clustered Systems Company(Liebert XDS)編
"Evaluation of Rack-Mounted Computer Equipment Cooling Solutions."
 Coles, Henry C, LBNL, September 2010 (71 Page)
 California Energy Commission. Publication number: CEC-XXX-2010-XXX

LBNL Data Centers: Best-Practice Summaries
California Energy Commission

[san-tech][02791] 講演資料:2010 Data Center Efficiency Summit (2010/10/14)
> 2010年 10月 14日に開催された
> 2010 Data Center Efficiency Summit

"Chill-Off 2, Novel and Comparative Cooling Methods - Customer Presented
 Case Studies"
 Henry Coles, LBNL, Mike Ryan, Google, Dean Nelson, eBay


Direct Touch Cooling Rackの Clusterd System Companyによる Liebert XDS
"Emerson Network Power Introduces Liebert XDS System to Bring Data
 Center Cooling Directly to the Server"


"Introducing Liebert XDS: High density, efficient, server-level cooling"

[san-tech][02967] 講演資料:Server Design Summit (2010/12/01)
Workshop on Energy-Efficient Servers and Datacenters
Track 1 - Server Strategies
""Air Is For Breathing" - Cold Plate Cooling System"
 Phil Hughes, CEO, Clustered Systems Company, Inc.
に詳細な説明があります。こちらも上記 YouTubeと同じ Sun 1Uサーバです。

ここで取り上げている 8機種以外にも
ラック装着型を 2例ほど紹介します (捜せばもっと出てくるでしょう)

Alcatel-Lucent Modular Cooling Solution (日本語サイト)
Modular Cooling (英語サイト)

 2009/11/20 (3:46)
"Data Center Green Cooling Solution - Alcatel-Lucent & Bell Labs"
 2010/06/02 (6:57)
Chatsworth Products Inc Passive CoolingR Solutions

ラックに煙突を取り付けて、排気熱を天井裏のダクト層 (Hot Zone) に上げる
ものです (の機器自体にはファンは無し)。

"CPI Passive Cooling Solutions Live Demonstration"
 2011/02/09, Chatsworth Products, Inc.
"CPI Passive Cooling and the N-Series TeraFrame Cabinet"
 2009/08/03, Chatsworth Products, Inc.
Chatsworth Products, Inc Channel


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