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[san-tech][02334] Violin Memory製品ラインナップを刷新

Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 01:56:46 +0900
[san-tech][02658] Violin Memory: 40TB 3U MLC Flash Storage発表

Violin Memoryが製品ラインナップを刷新しました

"Violin Memory Introduces Game-Changing Violin 3000 Series with Integrated
 Flash RAID", May 25, 2010

  "The Violin 3200 is a redundant, modular 3U memory array that scales
   from 500GB to 10 Terabyte SLC NAND Flash and provides the industry's
   best price/performance attributes using patent-pending Flash RAID

  "Violin's unique and highly efficient approach to the aggregation of
   NAND flash enables Violin 3000 series pricing for usable
   RAID-protected flash from $20/GB. This pricing achieves cost parity
   with performance HDD storage arrays and increases performance by a
   factor of ten."

  "Unlike the Oracle Exadata architecture, the Violin flash memory is
   RAID protected and can be used as primary storage for any application
   on any file and operating system. Host access can be provided via
   PCIe, 4/8Gb Fiber Channel or 10Gb Ethernet.  The Violin 3000 series
   enables the next generation virtualized data center and cloud

3200 Flash Memory Array

"Violin punts flash-mem array with '10X performance advantage'"
 25th May 2010
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[san-tech][02811] "Violin Memory Accelerates Network Storage with First Multi-Terabyte NFS Cache", November 16, 2010

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