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[san-tech][03502] US Gov. $200M Big Data R&D Initiative, March 29, 2012 & IPA報告書

Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2012 10:49:35 +0900

"SDSC Announces 'Center of Excellence' for Predictive Analytics"
 April 17, 2012, UCSD News Center

 PACE to Bridge Gap Between Academia, Industry, and Government
  "... is launching a new "center of excellence" aimed at leveraging
   SDSC's data-intensive expertise and resources to help create
   the next generation of data researchers by leading a collaborative,
   nationwide education and training effort among academia, industry,
   and government.

   SDSC is providing seed funding for the program, called PACE
   for Predictive Analytics Center of Excellence. ..."
  "While education and training initiatives are a large part of PACE,
   the project will also be open to collaborations and projects
   with industry and government, especially using Gordon, a unique,
   data-intensive supercomputer recently introduced by SDSC
   and which currently ranks among the 50 fastest supercomputers
   in the world."
Federal Focus on Big Data
  "SDSC's PACE program comes as the administration's Office of Science
   and Technology Policy (OSTP) last month announced $200 million in
   funding for new investments in big data research and development
   projects with the announcement of its Big Data initiative"

PACE (Predictive Analytics Center of Excellence)
[san-tech][03521]"Six Big Name Schools with Big Data Programs", April 10, 2012, Datanami (Re: Stanford Online Graduate Certificate in Mining Massive Data Sets)
  Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 11:03:29 +0900 

"7 Big Winners in the U.S. Big Data Drive"
 April 05, 2012, Datanami

#1 DARPA XDATA Program
#2 The Scalable Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization (SDAV) Institute
#3 An Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) for Climate Research
#4 Big Data for Earth System Science
#5 Department of Homeland Security
   & Center for Excellence on Visualization and Data Analytics (CVADA)
#6 Big Data for the CDC
#7 The Machine Reading Program, DARPA

2012年 3月 29日に、米国オバマ政権から $200 Million規模の Big Data
Research and Development Initiativeが発表されました:

Press Video (116:36):
"Challenges and Opportunities in Big Data"
 Thursday, March 29, 2012, from 2-3:45 pm ET
"NSF Leads Federal Efforts In Big Data", March 29, 2012
 All Images (真ん中あたり)
  "Broadcast of OSTP-led federal government big data rollout
   March 29, 2012, in the AAAS Auditorium in Washington, DC"
"Video from Thursday's Big Data R&D Initiative Launch Posted"
 March 31st, 2012, CCC Blog

Press Release:
 March 29, 2012
 Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)
 Executive Office of the President
 The White House