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[san-tech][02920] Intel Open FCoE software stack (Jan. 27, 2011)

Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 19:44:26 +0900

"New Technology Aims to Speed Up Cloud Adoption, Lower Costs and
 Environmental Impact"
 Jan. 27, 2011


*)Intel announces free unified networking technology that enables all
  data center traffic to run over a single cable using Intel 10GbE
  server adapters.

*)The consolidation of cabling equipment can help reduce global IT
  spending by $3 billion a year and the 400 million feet of global
  data center cabling saved is enough to wrap around the Earth three

*)Industry support of Intel Open FCoE, include Cisco*, Dell*, EMC*,
  NetApp*, Oracle* and Red Hat*

  "Intel Corporation took a further step today to simplify the data
   center by introducing a free new technology that enables all data
   center traffic to run over a single cable using the IntelR 10 Gigabit
   Ethernet (10 GbE) Server Adapter X520 family."
  "The Intel Open FCoE software stack is available as a free upgrade on
   existing X520 family products. Additional information about Intel's
   Ethernet and unified networking solutions can be found at"

Unified Networking on Intel Ethernet

Intel Ethernet Server Adapters X520


"2.6.37 compatible open-fcoe release available"
 Jan 14, 2011

"2.6.39 compatible open-fcoe release available"
 Jun 01, 2011
ザッとみた限りでは、Open-FCoE.orgの Mailing Listでも Intel関連の
※"Unified Networking on Intel Ethernet" からリンクされてますが

"Intel gifts world open source FCoE", 27th January 2011

  "Intel has officially introduced its Open FCoE software stack, based
   on the native OS Fibre Channel Over Ethernet project it first open
   sourced in 2007."
  "Citing Microsoft Exchange and MySQL benchmarks from an independent
   test house, Swinford said that the setup would not put an undo
   burden on the CPU. The tests, he said, never showed more than 5 per
   cent CPU utilization. And he boasted that the settup is designed to
   improve as servers improve. "As we continue to make stronger, more
   powerful processors, our performance will continue to get better,"
   he said."
 Tom Swinford: Intel's setup, company man

"Intel Opens Up FCoE, Offers Free Upgrades", January 27, 2011

  "At the core of the Open FCoE effort is the Data Center Bridging (DCB)
   specification. Swinford noted that DCB is part of the Linux 2.6.29
   kernel and subsequent Linux kernels. According to Intel, there are
   no special hooks in the kernel for Open FCoE to work with Intel X520
   adapters, but Intel adapters are the first ones qualified by EMC and
   NetApp with the Open FCoE solution."
 Steve Schultz: director of product marketing in Intel's LAN Access Division

"Video: Intel Discusses Benefits of Open FCoE", January 29th, 2011
"Intel Open FCoE Launch"
 2011年01月26日, channelintel, 2:45

  "Intel's Kirk Skaugen talks about the benefits of 10 GbE unified
   networking and Intel Open FCoE to help simplify the data center"

"Open-FCoE Accepted Into The Linux Kernel v2.6.29", Nov 07, 2010

  "... our project has been accepted into the Linux kernel ..."

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 21:05:05 +0900

先日リリースされた Intel software FCoE stackに関して、QLogic European
Marketing Directorへの The Registerのインタビューです:

"QLogic: Software FCoE can't cut it"
 24th February 2011

  "What does a HW Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) vendor think of
   Intel's software FCoE stack? We asked QLogic's Host Solutions Group
   through Henrik Hansen, its European marketing director."
  "The CNA supplier thinking is, generally, that servers should run
   applications and offload storage I/O processing to peripheral cards.

   So El Reg asked Hansen about QLogic's position on Intel's SW FCoE.
   We've edited the replies to bring out what we think are the
   essential points. The resulting Q&A session has some QLogic
   marketing puffery in it but the general message is clear enough:
   software FCoE can't cut it in the data centre."

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