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[san-tech][03089] "Search Coprocessors Route Packets", Microprocessor Report, April 25, 2011

Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 20:15:00 +0900

"Search Coprocessors Route Packets"
 April 25, 2011
 Author: Jag Bolaria, The Linley Group

Market Enticing for New Entrants Despite NetLogic's Dominance

  "Search coprocessors are used in routers, switches, and network
   appliances to classify data, apply security policies, and determine
   where to send each packet. A search coprocessor can be developed
   using algorithms and memory, TCAMs (ternary content addressable
   memory), or a combination of the two. Cisco was the first major
   OEM to adopt merchant search coprocessors. Since then,
   search-coprocessor functions have evolved from TCAMs to become
   hybrid devices that support both TCAM lookups and algorithmic

  "Through innovation and smart business decisions, NetLogic has
   established itself as the dominant supplier of search coprocessors.
   The company's only competitor is Renesas, which is a distant second
   and has few shipments outside of Cisco. NetLogic's NLA10k/11k search
   coprocessors are capable of supporting up to 512K IPv4 entries using
   its KBP (knowledge-based processor) engines and a larger set of
   entries using its Sahasra algorithmic search engine."
  "In the last five years, the market for search coprocessors has
   grown from around $200 million to around $300 million. This
   growth was fueled by 10Gbps port rates, greater-capacity line
   cards, and policy-based routing, which requires multiple lookups
   per packet. Carrier Ethernet is a recent driver of new growth in
   this market."

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The Linley Group
※いろいろ面白そうな資料があります (一部無償公開、QLogic 3GCNAとか)

Products, NetLogic Microsystems
NETL7 Knowledge-based Processor Family
Layers 2-4 Knowledge-based Processors
※レポートで取り上げられている NLA10k/11kはありません (NLA9000まで)

NetLogic Microsystems Investor Presentation, Q2 2011

Presentations, NetLogic Microsystems

Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 20:39:08 +0900

"混載DRAM技術を用いた独自のダイナミック TCAMにより
 チップサイズを 60%、消費電力を 85%削減"

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