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[san-tech][03385] Slide: HEC FSIO 2011 Workshop (2011/0807 - 10)

Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 17:49:34 +0900
2011年 8月 7 ~ 10日に開催された、

High-End Computing File Systems and I/O (HEC FSIO) 2011 Workshop
 Sunday, August 7, 2011 ? Wednesday, August 10, 2011



"DOD Announces First Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace", July 14, 2011

"DOD Announces First Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace"

  "The Department of Defense released today the DoD Strategy for
   Operating in Cyberspace (DSOC).  It is the first DoD unified strategy
   for cyberspace and officially encapsulates a new way forward for
   DoD's military, intelligence and business operations."
  ""The cyber threats we face are urgent, sometimes uncertain and
   potentially devastating as adversaries constantly search for
   vulnerabilities," said Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III.
  "Our infrastructure, logistics network and business systems are heavily
   computerized.  With 15,000 networks and more than seven million
   computing devices, DoD continues to be a target in cyberspace for
   malicious activity.""

"Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace"
 July 2011

[san-tech][03382] OpenStackの大容量ストレージサービス、Swiftの仕組みと使い方、2011/08/05, 09/20, TechTarget

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 20:40:52 +0900

OSSクラウド基盤 OpenStackの全て [全 7回]、TechTarget


"OpenStackの大容量ストレージサービス、Swiftの仕組み" [第 6回]
 2011年08月05日 09時00分 UPDATE,
 伊藤雅典,NTTデータ, TechTarget


  " 今回から2回にわたり、OpenStack ObjectStorage(Swift)の全体像と

[san-tech][03381] Intel Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) に関する Blog, Sep. 15, 2011, Research@Intel

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 20:22:02 +0900
[san-tech][03564] "Open-Silicon Announces Industry’s First Hybrid Memory Cube Controller IP", June 4, 2012
  Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2012 03:39:56 +0900
IDF 2011でデモンストレーションされた Intel Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC)
についての Blogです:

"Reinventing DRAM with the Hybrid Memory Cube"
 September 15, 2011. Bryan Casper, Research@Intel

  "Today, Intel CTO Justin Rattner is demonstrating the Hybrid Memory
   Cube, the fastest and most efficient Dynamic Random Access Memory
   (DRAM) ever built. I want to give you some background on how
   and why we collaborated with Micron on this new memory technology."

[san-tech][03379] Cache IQ:新興 NAS加速化キャッシュプラットフォーム, Sep. 19, 2011

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 15:31:39 +0900
Cache IQ社が少しだけ製品アナウンスをしました:

"Cache IQ Announces Industry's First Smart NAS Acceleration Solution"
 RapidCache dramatically increases application performance and tames
 the out of control growth of network attached storage
 September 19, 2011

  "Cache IQ, an enterprise storage solutions company, announced today
   the limited release of their RapidCache solution. This intelligent,
   high-performance network attached storage (NAS) caching appliance
   delivers enhanced performance to I/O intensive applications while
   relieving overburdened storage subsystems. RapidCache identifies
   applications' active data sets, and then uses a combination of
   DRAM and SSDs to dramatically improve performance."

[san-tech][03378] ScaleMP Announces Strategic Collaboration with AMD, Sep. 20, 2011

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 14:59:44 +0900
ScaleMPから AMD公式サポートのアナウンスがありました:

"ScaleMP Announces Strategic Collaboration with AMD:
 vSMP Foundation for AMD-Based Servers"
 Users can scale servers based on the AMD Opteron platform beyond
 four processors and 512GB RAM using vSMP Foundation
 September 20, 2011

  "ScaleMP, ..., today announced a strategic collaboration with AMD
   for vSMP Foundation to support AMD Opteron processor-based servers.
   The collaboration enables users to scale AMD-based servers beyond
   four processors and create AMD Opteron processor-based systems
   with up to 512 processors and 64TB of memory."


[san-tech][03377] デル、最高45℃での使用も保証で外気冷却を支援、2011/08/24、@IT

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 19:40:02 +0900

[san-tech][03488] Slide: Green Grid Forum 2012 (March 6-7, 2012) & Free Cooling Map Update


  " デルは8月24日、事業者や企業のデータセンターにおける外気冷却への




[san-tech][03375] Pure Storage: the First All-Flash Enterprise Array, August 23, 2011

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 16:30:46 +0900

1ヶ月余り前の発表ですが、All-Flash Arrayストレージシステムメーカー

"Pure Storage Breaks the Cost Barrier to Mainstream Flash Adoption
 in the Data Center with the First All-Flash Enterprise Array"
 All-Flash Array is 10x Faster, 10x More Power and Space Efficient,
 and Less Expensive than Traditional Disk-Centric Arrays
 August 23, 2011

[san-tech][03374] "Kaminario and Fusion-io Collaborate to Deliver Enterprise-class All Solid-State SAN Storage", Sept. 13, 2011

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 16:21:05 +0900
Kaminarioという All Solid-state SAN Storage Solutionsメーカーと
※Kaminarioの新製品プレスリリースも同日です (後述します)。

"Kaminario and Fusion-io Collaborate to Deliver Enterprise-class
 All Solid-State SAN Storage"
 Kaminario K2 storage embeds Fusion-io technology, addressing
 enterprises' I/O- and latency-bound applications
 Sept. 13, 2011

  "Kaminario, a leading provider of high performance, all solid-state
   SAN storage for accelerating critical business applications,
   today announced that it is teaming up with Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO),
   a provider of a shared data decentralization platform, to develop
   and market the next-generation Kaminario K2 storage, the industry's
   first all solid-state SAN storage."
  "As part of the companies' collaboration, Kaminario will incorporate
   the Fusion ioDrive Duo as a memory accelerator in its all
   solid-state SAN storage and its Scale-out Performance Storage
   Architecture (SPEAR). Kaminario and Fusion-io will also team up
   to bring the Kaminario K2 family of products into joint customer
   environments. These combined efforts reinforce the companies'
   commitment to remove the barriers enterprises currently face
   in obtaining high performance and highly available SAN storage
   at a price point that makes sense."

[san-tech][03373] Quantum to Expand StorNext Appliance Family, Sep 08, 2011

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 15:21:17 +0900

Quantumから StorNextアプライアンスがアナウンスされました:
※StorNext Applianceは初めてでは?

"Quantum to Expand StorNext Appliance Family to Simplify Big Data
 File Sharing and Archiving"
 New offerings will allow industry-proven StorNext software
 to deliver unparalleled data management performance, flexibility
 and cost-effectiveness
 Sep 08, 2011

  "Quantum Corp. ....., today announced it is adding new products to
   its StorNext appliance family. The expanded family will use the power
   of StorNext and market-leading hardware to offer predictable
   high-performance file sharing and archiving in purpose-built
   configurations of metadata controllers, expansion appliances and disk,
   and archive enabled libraries."

High-performance metadata controller
*)The recently announced StorNext M330 is the first in a series of
  metadata controller appliances from Quantum.

Expansion appliances and disk
*)StorNext G300 Scale-Out Gateway Appliance
*)The scalable StorNext QM1200, QS1200 and QD6000 Storage Systems
  StorNext QM1200 Storage System will be ideal as fast disk for metadata.
  The StorNext QD6000 will scale to over 1 PB of data in a single array
※Expansion appliances and diskの URLsは未だのようです。

Fast, economical archives
*)The StorNext Archive Enabled Libraries can be purchased with as few as
  41 activated slots or as many as 5,000 activated slots, protecting
  data sets that can range from 60 TB to over 7.5 PB.

[san-tech][03372] IBM 100 petaOPS Supercomputer出願特許公開、September 8, 2011

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 14:07:59 +0900
IBMが 2011年 1月 10日に出願した特許書類が、2011年 9月 8日に公開され
ました (特許成立ではありません):

United States Patent Application: 20110219208
Kind Code: A1
Inventors: Asaad; Sameh ; et al.
Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation
Publication Date: September 8, 2011
Filed Date: January 10, 2011
※↑The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

ブラウザー (Chrome) との相性問題か、分量の問題かで上手くいきません。
※A4 (Letter?) で、649枚です。460枚程度は図表です。
※後述する民間サイトでも PDFファイルを入手出来ますが、画像 PDFなので
単語検索出来ません。上記 URLはフラット HTMLです (ただし読み難い)。

[san-tech][03371] Broadcom to Acquire NetLogic Microsystems, September 12, 2011

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 12:48:55 +0900

"Broadcom to Acquire NetLogic Microsystems, Inc., A Leader in
 Network Communications Processors"
 September 12, 2011

  "Broadcom Corporation ....., and NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.
   (Nasdaq: NETL), a leader in high performance intelligent
   semiconductor solutions for next generation networks, today
   announced they have entered into a definitive merger agreement.
   Under the agreement, NetLogic Microsystems shareholders will
   receive $50 per share in a transaction of approximately
   $3.7 billion, net of cash assumed."

[san-tech][03369] 小型のシリコンフォトニクス光源を開発、2011/09/16、富士通

Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 14:44:00 +0900




   今回開発した技術により、小型で低消費電力な光送受信器を CPUパッケージに

   で開催された国際会議「8th Group IV Photonics (GFP 2011)」にて発表いた

※英語版 (USA、UK) プレスリリースは未だのようです。

[san-tech][03368] 2011/10/28 (金):インテルソフトウェアカンファレンス東京

Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 18:06:30 +0900

会 期:2011年 10月 28日(金) 10:00~17:10 (9:00受付開始)
会 場:シェラトン都ホテル東京 (東京都港区白金台)
主 催:インテル コーポレーション、インテル株式会社
定 員:400名

[san-tech][03367] "Koomey's Law: Computing efficiency keeps pace with Moore's Law", SEPTEMBER 13, 2011, InfoWorld

Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 17:26:37 +0900
"Koomey's Law: Computing efficiency keeps pace with Moore's Law"
 Computers have historically doubled in energy efficiency every
 18 months, according to new study
 SEPTEMBER 13, 2011, InfoWorld

Koomey's Lawグラフ (Computations per kWhと年代):