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Date: Thu, 05 May 2011 19:46:27 +0900
IEEEの無償公開 Computing Nowの 2011年 5月号の特集は Green ITです。
※無償公開は期間限定かもしれません (2011/06/13)

"Green IT: Helping to Create a Sustainable Planet"
 Guest Editor's Introduction - San Murugesan - May 2011

  "As the world's climate heats up and more people become concerned
   about the environment, a new spotlight appears on information technology.
   IT affects our environment in many ways, but most people — including
   many IT professionals — don't realize this. Each stage of a computer's
   life, from production and use to disposal, presents environmental
   challenges. As businesses and governments try to balance growth with
   environmental risks, we're called upon to make IT systems and their use
   greener and, more importantly, to apply IT in innovative ways to address
   environmental problems.”

  "Green IT, also known as green computing, is an umbrella term referring
   to environmentally sound information technologies and systems,
   applications, and practices. It encompasses three complementary IT-enabled
   approaches to improving environmental sustainability:

   the efficient and effective design, manufacture, use, and disposal of computer
   hardware, software, and communication systems with no or minimal impact
   on the environment;

   the use of IT and information systems to empower — to support, assist, and
   leverage — other enterprise-wide environmental initiatives; and

   the harnessing of IT to help create awareness among stakeholders and
   promote the green agenda and green initiatives."
  Green Prospects and Our Role
  "... Albert Einstein once said, "The significant problems we have cannot be
   solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them."  ......
   I invite you to share your research findings, views, and ideas on this topic,
   as well as best practices and your experiences in greening IT."

Topics (Each page links to PDF document)
*) Harnessing Green IT: Principles and Practices
*) The Road to Greener IT Pastures
*) Designing Energy-Efficient Servers and Data Centers
*) Three Strategies for Green IT
*) The Next Wave of Sustainable IT
*) The Green Potential of RFID Projects: A Case-Based Analysis

Computing Now, Free Articles from IEEE Computer Society Publications

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