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[san-tech][03005] "Energy Efficiency Guide: Monitoring and CFD", March 8th 2011, Data Center Knowledge

Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2011 17:05:41 +0900
Data Center Knowledgeの解説記事です:

"Energy Efficiency Guide: Monitoring and CFD"
 March 8th, 2011

  "There's a saying in data center circles that "you can't manage
   what you can't measure.” That's why monitoring and analysis are
   key components of a data center energy efficiency program. There
   are several approaches to monitoring the data center environment
   to detect problems and implement improvements."

以下の 2手法が紹介されています:
1)Wireless monitoring
2)Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
1)Wireless monitoring
"Tracking Data Center Assets with RFID"
 2009/04/05, DataCenterVideos
  "In this video, Jonathan Luce of RF Code demonstrates how RFID
   tags can gather data on the location and status iof equipment,
   as well as the heat and humidity within the rack."
RF Code Inc

"Wireless Monitoring in Data Centers"
 2009/12/06, DataCenterVideos
  "In this video, Pete Van Deventer, the president and CEO of
   SynapSense Corp., discusses some of the evolving trends in data
   center monitoring."
SynapSense Corporation

"Data Center Monitoring and Management With Modius"
 2010/03/21, DataCenterVideos
  "In this video, Craig provides an overview of Modius and how it
   can help data center operators monitor and manage their assets
   and environment."

※ビデオ無しでさらに 2社紹介
Core NAP

2)Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
"Data Center Thermal Modeling with CFD"
 2009/04/08, DataCenterVideos
  "In this video, Applied Math Modeling CEO Paul Bemis demonstrates
   how to use his company’s CoolSim software to create a model of
   your data center and generate 3-D graphics"

"6SigmaDC Adds Real-Time CFD Modeling"
 2010/10/12, DataCenterVideos
  "In this video, Sherman Ikemoto and Tom Wu of Future Facilities
   provide an overview of the software and demonstrate its
 Data Center Knowledge (March 8th, 2011の記事から)
  "The primary drawback of CFD tools is their cost. This week Future
   Facilities released a new version of its software called 6SigmaRoom
   Lite with a "less feature-rich and less complex application" in
   hopes of expanding the pool of potential users."

Future Facilities Ltd
Future Facilities株式会社
※日本法人があるのは、Future Facilitiesだけ?

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