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[san-tech][02534] ALEMBIC: An Open Source Exchange Format for Animated Computer Graphics Scenes

Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 11:38:43 +0900
  [san-tech][02533] Cloud Computing for Motion Picture Rendering

"Sony Pictures Imageworks and Industrial Light & Magic Join Forces on
 July 27, 2010 (両者とも ACM SIGGRAPHでの発表なので同日)

  "ALEMBIC is an open source exchange format that aims to become the
   standard for exchanging animated computer graphics scenes between
   content creation software packages."

[san-tech][02533] Cloud Computing for Motion Picture Rendering

Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 11:03:38 +0900

"Cerelink Signs Agreement with DreamWorks Animation to Use
 Cloud Computing for Motion Picture Rendering in New Mexico"
 July 27, 2010

  "Cerelink, Inc., a New Mexico Cloud Computing company, and DreamWorks
   Animation SKG, Inc. (Nasdaq: DWA) have signed a multi-year agreement
   to use on-demand, 'elastic cloud computing' to render DreamWorks
   Animation motion picture projects. Cerelink has deployed a significant
   number of computer servers in New Mexico to meet DreamWorks' demand
   for computer generated imagery (CGI) rendering."

[san-tech][02030] 米ニューメキシコ州の HPC

Tue, 26 Jan 2010 16:23:53 +0900
また HPCネタですが

"Governor Bill Richardson Launches Statewide Access to New Mexico's Supercomputer"
 January 25, 2010
 "Governor Bill Richardson today helped launch eight "gateway" sites,
  which will link communities across the state to New Mexico's Supercomputer,
  Encanto, and announced another 25 sites will come online soon. Encanto
  is the fastest public supercomputer in the world."

 ""The opening of these Supercomputer gateways is significant to New Mexico's
  economic and high-tech future," Governor Richardson said. "We're bringing
  the highest level of supercomputing to every corner of the state, giving
  New Mexicans the opportunity to tap in to its remarkable educational and
  economic possibilities.""

[san-tech][03238] Slide: Workshop Energy Efficient Networking and Systems at IPR 2010 (2010/07/25)

Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2011 21:07:58 +0900
います (残念ながら、Cisco、Juniper社の発表資料は非公開です)。

Workshop 1: Energy Efficient Networking and Systems
 July 25, 2011
 Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nano Photonics (IPR) 2010

  "This workshop will promote discussions on energy efficient networks
   and systems. New networking architectures, protocols,
   routing/protection algorithms as well as new systems architectures
   will be covered in this workshop. The role of optics vs. electronics,
   and hybrid use of optical and electrical technologies in networks
   or systems are also of our interest."

"NSF Launches Science360 for iPad Application", June 9, 2011

"NSF Launches Science360 for iPad Application"
 June 9, 2011

  "The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Science360 for iPad application
   is now available in the App Store section of Apple's iTunes. This
   application features spectacular images from NSF-funded institutions
   in high resolution for download to the iPad. The application also allows
   users to share images and video on Facebook and Twitter or via email.
   In addition, breaking science news is always at a user's fingertips
   through the application news feed."
  "To download the Science360 for iPad application for free, visit
   the Apple iTunes store."

Science360 for iPad, By National Science Foundation


[san-tech][02848] Re: 米国データセンター火災検証写真 (2009/07/02)

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 15:40:30 +0900
[san-tech][01774] 米国データセンター火災検証写真 (2009/07/02)
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 22:04:32 +0900
 一年以上前の火災 (2008/07/02) の損出額についてのレポートです:

"Damage from Fisher Plaza Fire: $6.8 Million"
 November 3rd, 2010, Data Center Knowledge

  "A 2009 fire at the Fisher Plaza data center hub in Seattle caused
   $6.8 million in damages, with building owner Fisher Communications
   recovering about $5.8 million from insurers. The financial impact
   of the outage was documented by TechFlash, which noted the
   insurance settlement disclosures from Fisher Communications' third
   quarter earnings statements"

[san-tech][01774] 米国データセンター火災検証写真 (2009/07/02)

Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 22:04:32 +0900
[san-tech][02848] Re: 米国データセンター火災検証写真 (2009/07/02)

"シアトルのFisher Plazaで火災発生
 --Bing Travelなど複数サイトが一時サービス停止に"
 2009/07/06, CNET News,2000056020,20396152,00.htm


[san-tech][03237] Slide, Paper: ScienceCloud2011 (2011/06/08)

Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 17:18:38 +0900
2011年 6月 8日に開催された

ScienceCloud2011, 2nd Workshop on Scientific Cloud Computing
 Co-located with ACM HPDC 2011 (High Performance Distributed Computing)
 June 8th, 2011


[san-tech][03236] Realtime Hadoop usage at Facebook, SIGMOD2011

Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 16:18:35 +0900
Facebook技術者による、Hadoopの Peta-byte scale規模での Realtime Workload対応
についての解説 Blogです (ACM SIGMOD 2011で発表):

"Realtime Hadoop usage at Facebook -- Part 1"
 May 17, 2011, HDFS, Dhruba Borthakur, Facebook
"Realtime Hadoop usage at Facebook -- Part 2 - Workload Types"
 May 28, 2011, HDFS, Dhruba Borthakur, Facebook

  "Facebook recently deployed Facebook Messages, its first ever
   user-facing application built on the Apache Hadoop platform. It uses
   HDFS and HBase as core technologies for this solution. Since then,
   there are many more applications that have started to used HBase.
   We have gained some experience in deploying and operating HDFS and
   HBase at peta-byte scale for realtime-workloads and decided to
   write a paper detailing some of these insights. This paper will be
   published in SIGMOD 2011." (Part 1)

"Haswell New Instruction Descriptions Now Available!", June 13, 2011, Intel

"Haswell New Instruction Descriptions Now Available!"
 June 13, 2011, Mark Buxton, Intel Software Blog

  "Intel just released public details on the next generation of the x86
   architecture. Arriving first in our 2013 Intel microarchitecture
   codename "Haswell", the new instructions accelerate a broad category
   of applications and usage models."

[san-tech][01842] 洪水に襲われるデータセンター (Istanbul, 2009/09/9)

Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 04:02:05 +0800
2009年 9月 9日、イスタンブールを襲った洪水時のデータセンターの

"Data Center Security Cam recordings of 09.09.09 flood at Vodafone Istanbul, Turkey"
 2009/09/11, ugurob, 8:19, 240p

"VODAFONE TURKEY FLOOD (Servers are under water! Watch 1:54 )",
 2009/09/10, drpeloro, 2:12, 240p
上を纏めたものです (8分はちょっと長いです)。

[san-tech][03234] Yahoo、Hadoop部隊を Spin Outへ

Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 00:37:13 +0900
前にも噂になりましたが、Yahooが Hadoopプロジェクトを Spin Outすることが
ほぼ確実になったようです (新会社の経営陣の名前が特定されています):

"Yahoo Spins Out Hadoop Startup"
 June 29, 2011, Network Computing
※私の環境 (FireFox 5.0) では文字が表示された瞬間にロードを止めないと、
無限リロード地獄に陥ります (あっというまに CPU/Memory Usageが・・・)

  "A core development group at Yahoo is being given venture capital
   backing and will be spun off to further the rapid enterprise-style
   development of Hadoop. Within a few days, "something over 20" core
   committers and architects of Hadoop code will move off the Yahoo
   campus in Sunnyvale, Calif., into offices nearby to form Hortonworks,
   an independent company, said Eric Baldeschweiler, Yahoo's VP of
   software engineering for Hadoop, in an interview. He will become
   CEO of the new firm."


[san-tech][03233] Thunderbolt Cableを分解

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 22:21:53 +0900
Thunderbolt Cableを分解しちゃいました:

"What Makes the Thunderbolt Cable Lightning Fast"
 June 29, 2011, iFixit Blog

[san-tech][03232] LaCieから Hybrid Cloud Backup Box, June 23, 2011

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 21:33:34 +0900
デザインセンスの良い LaCieから、Hybrid Cloud Backup Box (勝手に命名)

"Ultimate Data Security: LaCie CloudBox"
 June 23, 2011

  "Today LaCie announced the first implementation of hybrid storage
   technology by combining the best of local and secure online storage
   - LaCie CloudBox. When you store data on the CloudBox, it is also
   backed up in the Cloud - ensuring your data is always safe, secure
   and accessible."

[san-tech][03230] MapR: 2つのディストリビューションを公開、June 29, 2011

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 19:21:47 +0900
以前紹介した MapRが 2つのディストリビューションを公開しました:
※今までは EMCとの提携

"MapR Technologies Announces Availability of the Industry's Easiest,
 Fastest and Most Dependable Distribution for Apache Hadoop"
 Free version of MapR now available
 June 29, 2011

  "... today announced significant and innovative breakthroughs in the
   world of Hadoop big data software, unveiling its unmatched
   enterprise-ready software. The MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop
   provides 2 to 5 times performance improvements and brings
   unprecedented dependability to MapReduce analytics. In addition to
   its radical ease-of-use capabilities, the MapR Distribution for
   Apache Hadoop enables customers to reduce their required hardware
   costs by half, making it possible for more organizations to harness
   the power of big data analytics for competitive advantage. The MapR
   Distribution includes popular open-source community tools and
   capabilities such as Hbase, Hive, Cascading and Zookeeper, among
   others, and is available for download here."

[san-tech][03228] IBM から Phase Change Memoryプレスリリース, 30 June 2011 (Re: UCSD: Phase Change Memory-Based SSD)

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 18:17:59 +0900
[san-tech][03149] UCSD: Phase Change Memory-Based SSD
  Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2011 01:40:13 +0900
IBMから Phase Change Memoryについてのプレスリリースです:

"IBM scientists demonstrate memory breakthrough for the first time"
 Reliable multi-bit phase-change memory technology demonstrated
 30 June 2011

  "For the first time, scientists at IBM Research have demonstrated that
   a relatively new memory technology, known as phase-change memory (PCM),
   can reliably store multiple data bits per cell over extended periods
   of time."

[san-tech][03225] "Oracle Buys Pillar Data Systems", June 29, 2011

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 01:05:54 +0900

"Oracle Buys Pillar Data Systems"
 June 29, 2011

News Facts
  "Oracle today announced that it has entered into an agreement to
   acquire Pillar Data Systems, a leading provider of innovative and
   highly scalable SAN Block I/O storage systems that provide
   exceptional performance scaling characteristics with patented
   Quality of Service. "

[san-tech][03224] Re: "Alcatel-Lucent rolls 400 Gbit router chip", 6/28/2011, EETimes

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 00:47:48 +0900
[san-tech][03221] "Alcatel-Lucent rolls 400 Gbit router chip", 6/28/2011, EETimes
  Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 17:04:24 +0900

"The Internet Unlocked"
 June 28, 2011!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLd4x3tXDUL8h2VAQAURh_Yw!!?LMSG_CABINET=Docs_and_Resource_Ctr&LMSG_CONTENT_FILE=News_Releases_2011/News_Article_002465.xml

"Alcatel-Lucent innovation delivers a faster, smarter and greener
 network experience"
 June 28, 2011!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLd4w3MfQFSYGYRq6m-pEoYgbxjgiRIH1vfV-P_NxU_QD9gtzQiHJHR0UAAD_zXg!!/delta/base64xml/L0lJayEvUUd3QndJQSEvNElVRkNBISEvNl9BX0U4QS9lbl93dw!!?LMSG_CABINET=Docs_and_Resource_Ctr&LMSG_CONTENT_FILE=News_Releases_2011/News_Article_002464.xml

FP3 and the 400G Ecosystem
  "In order to deliver a fourfold improvement in speed, reduce power
   consumption and avoid compromising on service scale and quality,
   the FP3 processor requires predictable or deterministic access to
   memory at unprecedented speeds.

   In addition to developing its own technology solutions, Alcatel-Lucent
   is driving semiconductor industry leaders including Samsung Semiconductor,
   NetLogic Microsystems, Micron, GSI Technology, Cypress, Broadcom and
   others to push the envelope of innovation on high-speed DDR (double
   data rate), RLDRAM (Reduced-latency Dynamic random access memory),
   CAM (Content Addressable memory) and QDR (Quad Data Rate) memory and
   memory access, enabling the industry to accelerate adoption of 100G
   speeds and beyond."


[san-tech][03223] SNIA Spring 2011 Tutorials

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 18:06:02 +0900
SNIA Spring 2011 Tutorialsが公開されています:

Spring 2011 Tutorials, SNIA Tutorials

[san-tech][03222] "The 10 worst cloud outages (and what we can learn from them)", JUNE 27, 2011, InfoWorld

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 17:42:44 +0900
InfoWorldによる Cloud 10大事件 "Colossal cloud outage" 特集です:

"The 10 worst cloud outages (and what we can learn from them)"
 JUNE 27, 2011, InfoWorld (Total 5 pages)

  "As a concept, there's a lot to like about the cloud. Drop those bulky
   servers and get yourself a big, white hard drive in the sky. Someone
   else handles the upkeep and lets you put your data where you want it.
   Even the word "cloud" itself brings to mind a heavenly (if slightly
   fluffy) fantasy.

   The reality is, of course, a mixed bag. What you gain in avoiding
   upkeep, you lose in control. And the security concerns are
   considerable. But nowhere is the nightmare as vivid as it is when
   your cloud service goes down."
  "To help keep your business pain-free in the cloud, we offer these
   hard-earned lessons at the hands of 10 of the worst cloud storms
   the Web has weathered."
※"Colossal cloud outage" リストは Webを確認して下さい。

[san-tech][03221] "Alcatel-Lucent rolls 400 Gbit router chip", 6/28/2011, EETimes

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 17:04:24 +0900
EETimesによる Alcatel-Lucentの次期ネットワークプロセッサに関する記事です:

"Alcatel-Lucent rolls 400 Gbit router chip"
 6/28/2011, EETimes

  "Alcatel-Lucent has designed a network processor capable of handling
   400 Gbit/second data flows, twice the throughput of the best chip
   from archrival Cisco. The FP3 will appear in edge routers in
   mid-2012 and ultimately will spearhead the company's drive into core

Buckingham Palace, London, England, 2009/11


[san-tech][03220] IBM Power 775:光ファイバー (120Gbps) で筐体間を接続

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 22:20:49 +0900
"Avago Technologies Announces High-Density 120 Gbps Parallel Optical Solutions
 For Cloud Computing and Data Center Applications"
 June 26, 2012

"Industry underestimating 25 Gigabit parallel optics challenge"
 July 6, 2012, Gazettabyte

IBM Power 775筐体間は光ファイバー (120Gbps) で接続するそうです:
(最大 2,048ノード、3リンクホップ以下)

"Boosting high-performance computing with optics"
 JUNE 28, 2011, Gazettabyte

  "IBM has adopted optical interfaces for its latest POWER7-based
   high-end computer system. Gazettabyte spoke to IBM Fellow,
   Ed Seminaro, about high-performance computing and the need for
   optics to address bandwidth and latency requirements."
  "Using optical engines, each node - a specialised computing card -
   has a total bandwidth of 224, 120 Gigabit-per-second (12x10Gbps)
   VCSEL-based transmitters and 224, 120Gbps receivers. The interfaces
   can interconnect up to 2,048 nodes, over half a million POWER7
   cores, with a maximum network diameter of only three link hops.

   IBM claims that with the development of the Power 775, it has
   demonstrated the superiority of optics over copper for high-end
   computing designs."

[san-tech][03219] "In-Memory Data Management", Plattner, Hasso, Zeier, Alexander, Springer, 2011/3/29

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 20:46:05 +0900
SAP共同創業者の Plattner氏が共著の専門書です (発売日:2011/3/29):

"In-Memory Data Management"
 An Inflection Point for Enterprise Applications
 Plattner, Hasso, Zeier, Alexander
 1st Edition., 2011, XVIII, 236 p. 75 illus
 Springer, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-642-19362-0

  "... Here we present, for the first time, how in-memory computing is
   changing the way businesses are run." ... "We describe techniques
   that allow analytical and transactional processing at the speed of
   thought and enable new ways of doing business. The book is
   intended for university students, IT-professionals and IT-managers,
   but also for senior management who wish to create new business
   processes by leveraging in-memory computing."

Technology Commercialized, Technology Review, MIT

"Technology Commercialized"
 July/August 2011, Technology Review, MIT

Report Recommends Ways to Improve K-12 STEM Education, US National Research Council

"Report Recommends Ways to Improve K-12 STEM Education, Calls on
 Policymakers To Raise Science Education to Same Level of Importance
 as Math and Reading"

 June 23, 2011, The National Academies

  "State, national, and local policymakers should elevate science education
   in grades K-12 to the same level of importance as reading and mathematics,
   says a new report from the National Research Council.  The report
   recommends ways that leaders at all levels can improve K-12 education
   in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

   The report responds to a request from Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) for
   the National Science Foundation -- which sponsored the Research Council
   report -- to identify highly successful K-12 schools and programs in
   STEM fields."

[san-tech][03218] LLNL Hyperion: Lustre と GPFS 比較レポート (IOR, mdtest)

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 12:58:34 +0900
2010年 11月 15日に開催された

5th Petascale Data Storage Workshop, Supercomputing '10

に投稿された (Poster Submissions)

"Comparison of leading parallel NAS file systems on commodity hardware"
 Richard Hedges, Keith Fitzgerald, Mark Gary, D. Marc Stearman,
 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"Comparison of leading parallel NAS file systems on commodity hardware"
 Richard Hedges, Keith Fitzgerald, Mark Gary, D. Marc Stearman,
 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
 LLNL-TR-461793, Publication Date: 2010 Nov 08, System Entry Date: 2011 Jun 23

  "..... In this activity, we present the results of our tests of two
   leading file systems (GPFS and Lustre) on the same physical hardware.
   This hardware is the standard commodity storage solution in use at
   LLNL and, while much smaller in size, is intended to enable us to
   learn about differences between the two systems in terms of
   performance, ease of use and resilience. This work represents the
   first hardware consistent study of the two leading file systems that
   the authors are aware of."


National Geographic LONDON

[san-tech][03217] Google PowerMeter引退へ (Re: 電力消費量のリアルタイム可視化公開)

Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 19:10:59 +0900
ここで、プロジェクトの存在だけ紹介した Google PowerMeter

> "消費電力を分析、共有するGoogle PowerMeter", Feb 10th 2009
> "グーグル、「Google PowerMeter」でスマートグリッド分野に参入", 2009/02/12
> Energy Information

"Google PowerMeter"
 2009/02/09, Googleorg, 1:10, 720p

が、2011年 9月 16日をもって引退 (retire) します。Google Healthも日付は
違いますが引退します (Google Healthのことは全く解らないので省略します)。

"An update on Google Health and Google PowerMeter"
 6/24/2011, Official Google Blog

"Universities Report $55 Billion in Science and Engineering R&D Spending for FY 2009", Sep. 2010, US NFS


"Universities Report $55 Billion in Science and Engineering R&D Spending
 for FY 2009; Redesigned Survey to Launch in 2010"
 NSF 10-329, September 2010
 Ronda Britt, Research and Development Statistics Program, Division of
 Science Resources Statistics, NSF

  "University spending on research and development in science and
   engineering (S&E) increased 5.8% between FY 2008 and FY 2009 to
   $54.9 billion, according to FY 2009 data from the National Science
   Foundation (NSF) Survey of Research and Development Expenditures
   at Universities and Colleges (table 1).[2] When adjusted for
   inflation, academic R&D rose by 4.2% in FY 2009."

TABLE1. S&E R&D expenditures at universities and colleges FY 2004-09

"President Obama Launches Advanced Manufacturing Partnership ", June 24, 2011


"President Obama Launches Advanced Manufacturing Partnership"
 June 24, 2011, Office of the Press Secretary, The White House

  "Today, at Carnegie Mellon University, President Obama launched
   the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), a national effort
   bringing together industry, universities, and the federal
   government to invest in the emerging technologies that will
   create high quality manufacturing jobs and enhance our global
   competitiveness.  Investing in technologies, such as information
   technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, will support
   the creation of good jobs by helping U.S. manufacturers reduce
   costs, improve quality, and accelerate product development."

  "The President's plan, which leverages existing programs and
   proposals, will invest more than $500 million to jumpstart
   this effort."


Liberty, London, England, 2009/11

"Optical amplifier with world record low noise", 20 Jun 2011, Chalmers University of Technology

スエーデン Chalmers University of Technologyのプレスリリースです:

"Optical amplifier with world record low noise"
 20 Jun 2011, Chalmers University of Technology
  "The researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have, by using
   a so-called phase-sensitive fiber-optic parametric amplifier, PSA,
   reduced the noise figure to 1 dB. In traditional erbium-doped fiber
   amplifiers the noise figure is 3 dB at best, resulting in loss of
   signal integrity. 1 dB is the lowest noise ever reported in any kind
   of amplifier with reasonably large signal gain. This represents
   a breakthrough also because it is implemented in a practical way,
   making it potentially very attractive in various applications
   - most notably in high capacity optical communication systems."

"Science’s 10 hottest fields", June 24, 2011, FT Magazine

"Science's 10 hottest fields"
 By Clive Cookson
 Published: June 24 2011 17:28 | Last updated: June 24 2011 17:28
 FT Magazine, Financial Times

[san-tech][03214] Re: Juniper QFX3500(Project Stratus) 発表

Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 01:25:46 +0900

"Violin tunes up for billion dollar flash gig"
 25th June 2011, The Register

  "Violin Memory CEO Don Basile reckons Violin can repeat what Connor
   Peripherals did in disk drives, Cisco in networking, and NetApp in
   file storage; become a billion dollar a year revenue platform