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[san-tech][02693] TwinStrata Cloud Storage Appliance発表

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 23:49:02 +0900

TwinStrata Introduces Cloud Storage Appliance

"TwinStrata Introduces Cloud Storage Appliance Optimized for Data Protection"
 Sept. 27, 2010

  "TwinStrata, Inc., a pioneer in Cloud Storage data protection
   solutions, today announced that its CloudArray - software is now
   available as an appliance. The company's new SAN appliance offers
   all the features and benefits of its CloudArray software in
   a pre-configured, performance-optimized package that can be quickly
   and easily installed in any data center or colocation facility."

Key features and benefits of the CloudArray appliance include:
*) Simple Installation and Setup
*) Seamless Integration with Applications
*) Flexible Storage Configurations
*) Data Availability and Security

CloudArray SAN Appliance

CloudArray SAN Appliance Hardware Overview:
Model 1 (Model 2)
*) 2U Rackmount enclosure
*) 8TB (18TB) Raw/6TB (12TB) RAID5 onboard storage for local copies and cache
*) Redundant Power Supplies
*) Two 1Gigabit Ethernet Ports
*) (Four 1Gigabit Ethernet Ports or two 1Gigabit Ethernet ports and one 10Gigabit Ethernet Port)

CloudArray Specifications
*) Host interface: iSCSI
*) Hosts supported: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, HP-UX, VMware ESX/ESXi
*) Cloud storage interfaces: Amazon S3, Amazon S3 RRS, AT&T Synaptic multiple policies,
   Hosted Solutions, EMC Atmos-enabled partners, Mezeo-Ready partners

※対応 OS・プロバイダーが、以前紹介した Cirtasより多そうです。
実績の違いでしょうか (こちらは当初はソフトウェア形式で販売)

CloudArray - Cloud SAN Storage Software Solution
Intelligent Storage Cloud

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