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[san-tech][03180] ペーパー・講演資料:2nd Workshop on Software Services: Cloud Computing and Applications based on Software Services (2011/06/06 - 09)

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 07:01:53 +0900
2011年 6月 6日~9日に開催された、

2nd Workshop on Software Services (2nd Woss):
Cloud Computing and Applications based on Software Services


"WoSS intends to be an open forum for academics, practitioners, and
 vendors, allowing them to discuss the current trends and scientific
 and technological challenges in software services. 2nd WoSS is
 dedicated to Cloud computing and Applications"

Session 1: Invited talks on automation and storage in Cloud
"Autonomic mechanisms for transactional replication in elastic cloud
 environments," (coordinator of  Cloud-TM)
"Data-intensive Storage Services on Clouds: Limitations, Challenges
 and Enablers," (representing VISION Cloud)

"Cloud-TM aims at defining a novel programming paradigm to facilitate
 the development and administration of cloud applications. It will
 develop a Self-Optimizing Distributed Transactional Memory middleware
 that will spare programmers from the burden of coding for distribution,
 persistence and fault-tolerance, letting them focus on delivering
 differentiating business value. "

Vision Cloud: The Fact Sheet,47
"Towards a media-aware Data Access Layer. This EU-funded project aims
 to add innovative functionalities for the Future Internet. Note:
 If you want to see the video on the right in a larger format, just

Session 2: Cloud technologies
Session 3: Invited talks on Cloud security and open-source distribution
Session 4: Cloud providers' solutions - part I
Session 5: Brainstorming for FP7-ICT Call 8 - Objective 1.2
Session 6: Invited talks on self-adaption and legacy applications in SOA
Session 7: Cloud initiatives
Session 8: Invited talk on service level in e-infrastructures
Session 9: Semantics and composition in SOA
Session 10: Invited talks on Cloud SLAs and management
Session 11: Frameworks and efficiency
Session 12: Invited talks on Cloud resource management
Session 13: Cloud providers' solutions - part II
Session 14: Partnership offers for Call 8 of FP7-ICT, Objective 1.2
Session 16: Invited talks on deployment and interoprability
Session 17: Management and control of platforms
Session 18: Applications
Session 19: Award for the best proposal idea
Session 20: Training on FP7 project proposals


"European Cloud Projects Center Stage in Timisoara"
 June 13, 2011

主催の SPRERSプロジェクトは European Commission ICT Research in FP7

"The overall aim of SPRERS is to improve the participation to European
 collaborative research activities of research teams involved in
 software services from new member states. This aim will be addressed
 by identifying the strengths of these teams and facilitate their
 collaboration through thematic workshops, expert meetings, a training
 event, an awarding program, and white papers. "

List of objectives
EU 15は 2004年 5月 1日以前に EU加盟、EU12はそれ以降の加盟国です。

European Commission ICT Research in FP7

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