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[san-tech][03175] デモビデオ:"Cloud Data Analytics from Excel"(手元の Excelから MS Azureに)

Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 23:02:51 +0900
Microsoft Researchのデモビデオです:

"Cloud Data Analytics from Excel"
 Date recorded: 7 June 2011
 Duration: 00:02:52

  "..... provides an overview of the features of Excel DataScope,
   a tool that enables researchers and data analysts to seamlessly
   access the resources of the cloud, via Windows Azure, from the
   familiar interface of Microsoft Excel."

"Excel DataScope Overview"
 Date recorded: 1 March 2011
 Duration: 00:03:01

  "In this video, Roger Barga, architect in the eXtreme Computing
   Group at Microsoft Research, provides an overview of the features
   of Excel DataScope"

Excel DataScope

紹介 Blog
"From Excel to the Cloud"
 June 13, 2011

2011年 6月 15日にデモ公開された
Microsoft Research TechFest 2011

TechFest 2011 Projects
TechFest 2011 Videos
※TechFest 2011 Keynote addressの原稿は PDFで公開されています。
※Excel DataScopeのデモビデオはありません。

Microsoft Research

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