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Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2010 18:39:47 +0900
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The Registerの記事です:

"How I watched a holographic storage company implod"
 29th December 2010

  "It was a stony and hard road that holographic storage start-up
   InPhase travelled, going from hope to long, drawn-out despair.
   Its ambitions were left in tatters after senior management mis-steps
   and funding difficulties, but now the firm is allowing itself a little hope

InPhase Technologies Inc. (アクセス可能です)

"End of the road for InPhase?", 2/4/2010

 "Some 60 employees picked up their final paychecks at InPhase
  Technologies on Tuesday, as the company has apparently shut down."

 "But the engineer who spoke with the Times-Call said he's heard
  that before. Still, he's a believer in the company’s product.

  "It’s a fantastic idea," he said. "Somebody will do it sometime.""

"InPhase succumbs to the darkness", 5th February 2010

Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 01:04:23 +0900

"State officials seize InPhase assets in lieu of taxes"
 8th February 2010
 "... InPhase's premises have been seized for non-payment of
  taxes by the Colorado Department of Revenue."
 "According to local reports, the state has changed the locks
  on the doors and announced that everything owned by InPhase,
  including furniture and fittings, would be sold at auction."

"InPhase seized after not paying $10.3K in taxes"
"This sign is posted at InPhase Technologies in Longmont."
 Tony Kindelspire/Times-Call"

Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 01:13:43 +0900


"InPhase holo-storage firm in deathmarch tug o' war"
 22nd October 2010

  "The two venture capital owners of failed holographic storage
   developer InPhase are at war. One wants to auction all the
   company's remaining assets, while the other thinks it can do
   a phoenix and rise from the ashes."

InPhase Technologies Inc.

"InPhase Technologies Names Art Rancis CEO"
 OCTOBER 1, 2010

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