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[san-tech][02332] Intel Larrabee路線変更

Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 12:34:02 +0900
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Intelが Blogベースですが、Larrabeeの "路線変更" を認めました。
The Registerの解説記事

"Intel abandons discrete graphics for HPC", 25th May 2010

  "Intel is leaving the discrete graphics market to Nvidia and
   AMD/ATI for now, but its orphaned GPU/CPU mashup, Larrabee,
   will soon see new life in the HPC space."

元 Blog
"An Update On Our Graphics-related Programs"
 posted by Bill Kircos on May 25, 2010, Technology@Intel

  "a many-core, programmable Intel architecture and first product both
   of which we referred to as Larrabee for graphics and other workloads.
   Here's the latest:"

 1 "Our top priority continues to be around delivering an outstanding
    processor that addresses every day, general purpose computer needs"
    ... "We are further boosting funding and employee expertise here,
    and continue to champion the rapid shift to mobile wireless
    computing and HD video"

 2 "We are also executing on a business opportunity derived from the
    Larrabee program and Intel research in many-core chips. This server
    product line expansion is optimized for a broader range of highly
    parallel workloads in segments such as high performance computing.
    Intel VP Kirk Skaugen will provide an update on this next week at
    ISC 2010 in Germany."

 3 "We will not bring a discrete graphics product to market, at least
    in the short-term"

 4 "We will also continue with ongoing Intel architecture-based graphics
    and HPC-related R&D and proof of concepts."

Bill Kircos
Director, Product and Technology Media Relations
Global Communications Group, Intel

ISC 2010の Kirk B. Skaugen 氏の Keynote Talk (May 31, 11:50am - 12:30pm)
"HPC Technology - Scale-Up & Scale-Out"
 Kirk B. Skaugen
 Vice President, Intel Architecture Group & General Manager,
 Data Center Group, Intel, USA

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