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[san-tech][03154] PLX: PCIe Gen3 over Opticalクラスター接続をデモ予定 (2011/6/22, 23)

Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2011 08:31:26 +0900
PLX Technologyのプレスリリースです:

"PLX Technology to Demonstrate PCI Express over Optical,
 Present on PCIe as a Clustering Interconnect at PCI-SIG DevCon"
 June 6, 2011

  " announced it will demonstrate PCI Express (PCIe) Gen3
   switching over optical cabling at the upcoming PCI Special
   Interest Groups (PCI-SIGR) Developers Conference (DevCon),
   June 22-23, Santa Clara, Calif."

The Demonstration
  "PCIe as a box-to-box interconnect for data centers using parallel
   optics will enable a wide variety of applications such as server,
   storage and GPGPU clustering.  This demonstration showcases true
   peer-to-peer Gen3 high-performance at 8Gbps, per lane, between
   multiple endpoints represented as top of rack, bottom of rack, SSDs,
   Ethernet, and the Internet.  PCIe over fiber promises to offer higher
   performance and greater distance at a lower price than standard PCIe
   cabling used today.  PCIe Gen3 in an eight-lane configuration can
   transfer 64Gbps, which is a six-fold improvement over 10Gig Ethernet
   and with significantly less power required.  PLX was the first
   company in the industry to demonstrate PCIe Gen3 silicon."
※正式には 8Gbpsでなくて 8GTpsでは

PCIe Switches

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