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[san-tech][02000] "Lustre in a WAN Environment", HPI-DC 2009, 09/08/31

Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 03:08:46 +0900
2009年 8月 31日に開催された
  High Performance Interconnects for Distributed Computing (HPI-DC)

"Lustre in a WAN Environment"
 Jim Hofmann, Naval Research Laboratory
Naval Research Laboratoryは米海軍の研究所です。
Large Data JCTD
 "To Build a Global "Large Data" Network Infrastructure to Rapidly
  Access and Produce Knowledge from the Best Information available
  fused from Federated, Distributed sensors and digital media assets"
  USSTRATCOM: United States Strategic Command
  NGA: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  NRL; U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  DISA: Defense Information Systems Agency
  INSCOM: United States Army Intelligence and Security Command
  DUSD(AS&C): Deputy Under-Secretary of Defense for Advanced Systems and Concepts Rapid Fielding Directorate
  DIA: Defense Intelligence Agency

会議自体は、拠点間 InfiBand通信の報告がメインです。例えば、
"Wide-Area InfiniBand RDMA: Experimental Evaluation", ORNL
"Scheduling Strategies for HPC as a Service (HPCaaS)", Mellanox
"RDMA over Ethernet - A Preliminary Study", Ohio-State
"On Optimizing I/O Through InfiniBand RDMA for Commodity Clusters"

さらに Invited Industry Talk:
"InfiniBand System Area Networks"
  David Southwell, President & CEO, Obsidian Strategics Inc

Obsidian Strategics Inc.

今まで拠点間 InfiBandアプライアンスといえば、カナダのObsidianだけ
"Bay Microsystems’ ABExR 2020 Achieves InfiniBand Compliance and
 Interoperability", Jan. 20, 2009
ABEx 2020
Products > IBEx InfiniBand Product Family (2011/06/13)

Obsidianのような InfiniBand Range Extension専業メーカではありません
Products > IBEx Ethernet Product Family (2011/06/13)
Bay Microsystems, Inc

"Wide-Area InfiniBand RDMA: Experimental Evaluation",
 Nageswara S. V. Rao, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Nageswara S. V. Rao, UT-Battelle Corporate Fellow, ORNL
以下のプロジェクトの Co_PIです
DOE UltraSceince Net
NSF CHEETAH: Circuit-switched High-speed End-to-End Transport ArcHitecture
[san-tech][03079] Obsidian Longbow InfiniBand Routerレポート (2編)

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