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[san-tech][03181] NetApp Mercury: host-side flash caching for the datacenterへのコメント, The Register, 2011/06/17

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 08:30:31 +0900
The Registerで、FAST '11のポスターセッションで発表された NetAppの
Project Mercuryについてコメントしています:

"Welcome to the server flash cache sofa"
 17th June 2011

  "Comment NetApp is involved with storage array management of
   flash caches in app servers - witness its Project Mercury
   presentation at the FAST '11 conference at San Jose in February."
  "The idea was to link a flash cache in the server to a shared,
   centrally-managed storage array so that virtual machines (VMs)
   and their storage could be moved between physical servers in
   a shared-pool datacentre without losing any I/O speed-up
   benefits from having a local flash cache."

"NetApp Project Mercury code stack (NetApp)"

"Mercury: host-side flash caching for the datacenter"
 Steve Byan, James Lentini, Luis Pabon, Christopher Small,
 and Mark W. Storer, NetApp, Inc.

[san-tech][02962] ペーパー/ビデオ公開:USENIX FAST '11 (2011/02/15 - 17)

The Registerでの競合メーカーの動向についての解説記事等:
"Dell app servers getting flashy"
 15th June 2011

  "Dell Storage Forum Dell is looking at putting flash in
   application servers. It will be seen as another tier of storage
   by EqualLogic and Compellent arrays."
  "Conceptually this is equivalent to EMC's Project Lightning and
   both are different from NetApp which has put its Flash Cache in
   the array controller and has no plans, as we understand it,
   to put solid state cache in servers."

"EMC redefines its flash future"
 10th May 2011

  "EMC World EMC is starting to bet its primary data farm on flash,
   announcing multi-level cell flash SSDs for its arrays, all-flash
   arrays and, in a surprise move, server-side flash integrated
   with array side flash, code-named Project Lightning."

"EMC Outlines Strategy to Accelerate Flash Adoption"
 May 9, 2011

Texas Memory Systemsの動向については、Director of Sales Engineering
Jamon Bowen氏の Blogを参考に
"A Pragmatist’s view of PCIe SSD"
 May 18, 2011

冒頭の The Registerの記事で
  "TMS is not working on a way to make its PCIe RamSan-70 card
   shareable: "If the architecture needs… shared storage, use our
   shared storage systems."

   He is not saying server PCIe flash has no role in large scale
   server infrastructures needing co-ordination. This is how he
   sees that role:"

関連 (The Registerでは Fusion-io VSLについては触れてません):
[san-tech][03108] Fusion-io VSL (Virtual Storage Layer) 関連の国際会議での発表

The Register以外の Project Lightning解説記事例:

"Understanding Project "Lightning""
 May 09, 2011

"SAP's HANA, EMC's Project Lightning: Two Poles in Multi-Architecture
 May 19th 2011

  "Far from being a threat to EMC's storage business, SAP's HANA
   In-Memory Appliance is good for storage, says EMC VP and General
   Manager of the EMC Advanced Technology Group Don D'Errico in
   an interview on live from SAPphire 2011"

"Doc D'Errico at SAP Sapphire 2011", 32:38
※画面上は、Don D'Errico氏は SAP所属となってますが・・・

[san-tech][02769] SAP: High-performance Analytic Appliance (HANA), In-memory Computing
[san-tech][03182] ビデオ・講演資料:SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 (2011/05/16 - 18) (Re: SAP: High-performance Analytic Appliance (HANA), In-memory Computing)

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