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[san-tech][02987] SeaMicro: 64bit版 Atom採用マシン発表 (トータル 512コア)

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 15:49:31 +0900
[san-tech][03170] Calxeda (ARMベース大規模サーバ開発中) がソフトウェアイニシアチブを結成+SeaMicro Hadoop事例
10Uラックに、独自 3Dトーラスで 32bit版 Atom 512個 (512コア) 搭載した
SeaMicro SM10000シリーズに、64bit版 Atom搭載モデルが発表されました:

"SeaMicro Now Shipping the World's Most Energy Efficient x86 Server
 with New 64-bit Intel Atom N570 Processor"
 February 28, 2011

搭載される Atom N570 dual-core (1.66GHz) はまだ正式発表されていない
ようですが、既存の  SM10000 (32bit版) からの大きな違いは

512 32 bit Sigle-core (1.6GHz) Z530    = 512 Core
=> 256 64 bit Dual-core (1.66GHz) N570 = 512 Core

=> VT-x and 64 bit OS support (Xen, KVM, Hyper-V等に対応)

1 Terabyte DRAM (同じ)
1.28 Terabit per second fabric (同じ)
Average power consumption < 2 KW (同じ)
その他仮想化 I/O、筐体等も同じ。

The SM10000 Family of High Density, Low Power Servers
64-bit SM10000-64
32-bit SM10000
The SeaMicro SM10000-64 System Overview

"SeaMicro drops 64-bit Atom bomb server"
 28th February 2011

32-bit SM10000基板写真
64-bit SM10000-64基板写真
1ソケットあたりのメモリは、2GBから 4GBに増えます (総容量は同じ)

  "What SeaMicro developed - and what makes the SM10000 server unique
   - is an ASIC chip that virtualizes disk access and Ethernet
   networking for each of the Atom servers. The ASIC also implements
   a 3D torus interconnect between all of the 64 server boards nodes
   in the chassis, which delivers 1.28 Tb/sec of aggregate bandwidth
   across the cores and boards in the box. The SM10000 also has a
   little something called Dynamic Compute Allocation Technology, or
   DCAT, which is a home-grown field programmable gate array (FPGA)
   that does load balancing across the cores and boards."

  "The load balancing electronics are hooked into the SM10000's
   system management tools to allow for pools of servers to be grouped
   together and managed as a single object and to provide guaranteed
   performance levels for groups of processors, disk, memory, and
  "The chassis has different network modules, which offer 8 to 64
   Gigabit Ethernet uplinks or 2 to 16 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks per
   chassis. The FPGAs implementing the load balancer and terminal
   software as well as the switching software are in the chassis, not
   on the server cards. The chassis has room for 64 SATA or SSD disks
   as well, which are on the front of the box."
  "Feldman is not going to tell us how many boxes he has shipped or
   how much money the initial systems have generated, of course. But
   he did confirm that companies such as Skype. France Telecom,
   China Netcom Broadband, and Rogers Communications, as well as
   Mozilla and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, had the SeaMicro
   machines in production."

Andrew Feldman, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

[san-tech][03234] Yahoo、Hadoop部隊を Spin Outへ
  Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 00:37:13 +0900

"Atom smasher claims Hadoop cloud migration victory"
 Big-data love in the datacenter
 30th June 2011, The Register
SeaMicro Atom vs Xeon cluster on Hadoop data chewing


 最近の話題 2011年7月2日, Ando's Processor Information Page
※上記 The Registerの記事を日本語で解説
[san-tech][03086] SeaMicro (Intel Atom高集積サーバ) Mozilla事例報告

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