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[san-tech][01877] Re: DRAM信頼性についての報告

Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 12:42:56 +0100
[san-tech][01874] DRAM信頼性についての報告

StorageMojoの Robin Harrisさんは、本家ではなく ZDNetで取り上げてます:
"DRAM error rates: Nightmare on DIMM street", October 4th, 2009;post-638

"A two-and-a-half year study of DRAM on 10s of thousands Google servers
 found DIMM error rates are hundreds to thousands of times higher
 than thought - a mean of 3,751 correctable errors per DIMM per year."
Table 1: Memory errors per yera:

今見たら StorageMojoでフォローしています
"Nightmare on DIMM street", Saturday, 10 October, 2009

"Note: Much of this was published on ZDnet Sunday night. This version
 is updated after speaking to Prof. Schroeder Wednesday. This version
 also dispenses with some consumer-oriented content.

Paper about DRAM error rates - Chromium-dev | Google グループ

"Google: Computer memory flakier than expected", October 7, 2009
but PRAM (if it ever gets shipped commercially in volume) will be worse
than DRAM. Much, much worse! Read this NASA report (page 8)::

"Memory Investigation for a Europa Exploer Mission Concept",
JPL D‐48262, 22 September 2008.

"JPL has experienced one error in six BAE CRAM [the only "commercially
 available" PRAM at that time] devices tested. The cause of the error
 has not been determined; recall that the devices checked were
 engineering evaluation samples provided as a courtesy to JPL and were
 unscreened at the factory"
"How to spot a fake: Samsung and PRAM", May 5, 2009

Outer Planet Flagship Mission
Radiation Study Reports Library
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 18:45:43 +0100

The Registerでも取り上げられました
"Google: Servers are DIMM witted", 12th October 2009

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