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[san-tech][03170] Calxeda (ARMベース大規模サーバ開発中) がソフトウェアイニシアチブを結成+SeaMicro Hadoop事例

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 15:37:57 +0900

ARMベースで大規模サーバを開発中の Calxedaが、ソフトウェアイニシアチブ

"Calxeda Announces Trailblazer Initiative; Ecosystem Dedicated to
 the Promise of Hyper-Efficient Servers"
 June 14, 2011

  "At Trailblazer launch, Calxeda is pleased to announce Autonomic
   Resources, Canonical, Caringo, Couchbase, Datastax, Eucalyptus
   Systems, Gluster, Momentum SI, Opscode and Pervasive as inaugural
   members of the program. See other releases also issued today on
   additional initial Calxeda Trailblazer members, with further
   announcements following over time."

*)Autonomic Resources, a US Government cloud provider
*)Canonical, the Ubuntu sponsor
*)Caringo, a Cloud Storage Software leader
*)Couchbase, the simple, fast, elastic NoSQL Database Company
*)Datastax, provider of Enterprise Cassandra and Hadoop support solutions and products
*)Eucalyptus Systems, with its on-premise cloud computing software platform
*)Gluster’s open source scalable storage software
*)Momentum SI, the IT Transformation Services leader
*)Opscode, a leader in Cloud Infrastructure Automation
*)Pervasive, with its Datarush big data preparation and analytics accelerator

[san-tech][02495] Caringo (Father of the Content Addressing concept) Receives $5M in New Funding
[san-tech][02648] "Object-Oriented Storage: 14 Things You May Not Know", eWeek, 2010-09-15

"ARM server hero Calxeda lines up software super friends"
 14th June 2011
  "In its attempt to performance per watt that is second to none,
   Calxeda has taken the Cortex-A9 core, which is only available with
   32-bit memory addressing, and packed it up in a four-core variant.
   This has an integrated DDR3 memory controller, with ECC scrubbing,
   and a homegrown interconnection fabric to link nodes together.

   With a 4GB memory stick, the memory controller, and the interconnect,
   Calxeda says it can deliver a complete server node in a thermal
   envelope of under 5 watts. It is our guess that the Calxeda chips
   will run at somewhere between 1GHz to 2GHz, but Calxeda has not said
   what its target clock speed is yet."

"Big data on micro servers? You bet."
 Jun. 13, 2011
※↓の eHarmonyの事例だけでなく一般的な考えも書いています。

一方 Intel Atomベースの SeaMicroの最新導入事例:

"eHarmony Switches from Cloud to Atom Servers"
 June 10th, 2011
  "eHarmony recently shifted its Hadoop processing to a cluster of
   SeaMicro SM10000 servers running in a colocation center."
  "eHarmony uses algorithms to analyze 29 different attributes of
   its member profiles and suggest matches. As its user base scaled
   to tens of millions of members, eHarmony turned to Hadoop, an open
   source technology that allows many small independent servers to
   work together. Hadoop enables applications to work with thousands
   of compute nodes and petabytes of data."

  "For several years, eHarmony ran its Hadoop operations in the cloud,
   which provided flexibility and scalability. But as its operations
   continued to grow, the company evaluated other options, including
   SeaMicro. eHarmony was able to purchase the SeaMicro SM10000 in
   a configuration that enabled its Hadoop application to complete
   its run in the same time four-hour time frame it had been taking
   in the cloud."

  "eHarmony said the switch reduced its reduced its operating expenses
   by "tens of thousands of dollars a month," and its total cost of
   ownership (TCO) by 74 percent."



"Hadoop takes Big Data beyond Java"
 17th May 2010
  "Despite that, Hadoop is running search on some of the internet's
   largest sites. Lovers on eHarmony, job seekers on LinkedIn and
   social networkers on Fox Interactive Media - Rupert Murdoch's
   media arm running MySpace, Photobucket, and Rotten Tomatoes -
   are getting their queries answered thanks to Hadoop."

"Democratizing big data ? is Hadoop our only hope?"
 Jun. 11, 2011
  "But is Hadoop our only hope? From scalability to fault tolerance,
   Hadoop does myriad things very well. Yet, Hadoop is not the
   solution to all big data problems and use cases. Several key issues

   Data Complexity

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