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[san-tech][02837] "Chelsio Delivers Unified Storage Server 2.0 ", November 15, 2010

Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 23:07:51 +0900
Chelsio Unified Storage Server Version 2.0が発表されました

"Chelsio Delivers Unified Storage Server 2.0 ", November 15, 2010

  ""With the new USS release from Chelsio, 10GbE RDMA-based storage
   systems can be easily deployable in data centers and cloud computing
   environments without requiring any InfiniBand switches and adapters.""
   by Saqib Jang, principal and founder, Margalla Communications

  "In addition to supporting NFSoRDMA and LustreoRDMA protocols and
   featuring high availability, the new release supports HTTP file
   sharing, Thin Provisioning volumes, volume cloning,
   redirect-on-write snapshots, instant restore from snapshots, volume
   encryption, and replication compression. USS 2.0 will run effectively
   on most Ethernet adapters but it is optimized to run faster and it
   turns on iSCSI data integrity and RDMA on Chelsio hardware."

Chelsio's Unified Storage Server (USS 2.0)
Demo Video (9 min)

NEWS:  Chelsio Is Now Partnering with Condre Storage with its Unified Storage Server
Condre Storage

Unified Storage Server CS1000-BNDL1
  32TB + Chelsio 10GbE Unified adapters x 4 + Apple iPad Wi-Fi with 3G
Unified Storage Server CS1000-BNDL2
  32TB + 240GB SSD + Chelsio 10GbE Unified adapters x 8
  + Apple iPad Wi-Fi with 3G
Unified Storage Server CS1000-BNDL3
  32TB + Apple iPad Wi-Fi with 3G
Unified Storage Server CS1000-BNDL4
  32TB + 240GB SSD + Apple iPad Wi-Fi with 3G
[san-tech][02054] Chelsio Unified Storage Router等々+FortiSwitch-1000 (旧 Woven)
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 20:43:41 +0900

Chelsioが、Unified Storage Routerアプライアンス、ストレージサーバ用

"Unified Manager Software Enables Complete iSCSI SAN and NAS Solutions
 For Enterprise Storage Applications", February 1, 2010
 "today announced completion of an end-to-end unified storage system
  solution.   With new releases of its Unified Storage Server software
  and Unified Storage Router appliance, and delivery of its Unified
  Manager software"

Unified Storage Server 1.1
 "is a low-cost software solution that provides NAS and SAN capabilities
  to enable resellers and OEMs to turn any 64-bit Intel- or AMD-based
  system into a complete cost-effective storage system."
 "The USS 1.1 supports NFSRDMA and LustreRDMA protocols and features
  High Availability."
 "The USS 1.1 can also run as a guest application on a virtual machine
  on VMware ESX,"
 "The USS 1.1 is priced at $995 for up to 6TB and $1,995 for higher

Unified Storage Router 1100
 "is a compact 10Gb iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel router targeted at mid-range
  and high-end enterprises"
 "USR 1100 features two 10GbE ports, two GbE ports, four 8Gb FC ports,
  Multi-Path I/O for both iSCSI clients and FC storage, and web-based
 "The USR 1100 appliance is list priced at $9,995"

Unified Manager 1.0
 "Through an intuitive graphical user interface or powerful and scriptable
  CLI, Unified Manager provides an easy and fast way to access all iSCSI
  initiators, TOEs and NICs on a network."
 "The UM is available through a $995 license agreement, and includes
  a 30-day free evaluation."

USS-1.1 - iSCSI SAN + NAS Storage Software Solution
USR-1100:- 10G iSCSI to Fibre Channel Router
Chelsio Unified Manager

High Performance 10G Ethernet Adapters
Chelsio Product Price Sheet
iSCSI Initiator/Target 4.3 Software
iSCSI Target Software 4.3

Purdue Universityでのケーススタディ (8/18/09)
Coates, Rosen Center for Advanced Computing, Purdue
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[san-tech][01805] Re: 1,000台 10GbEクラスター (23 Aug 2009)

"Fortinet Selects FocalPoint 10GE Switch from Fulcrum Microsystems
 for FortiSwitch-1000 Data Center Switch", February 1, 2010


"Fortinet Acquires Assets of Woven Systems", Aug 19, 2009

"Fortinet vScale- Technology"
"FortiSwitch? Platforms and the High Performance Linpack Benchmark"
"10 Gigabit Ethernet Fabric Delivers High Performance at
 Sandia National Labs"
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