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[san-tech][03063] Brocade 16Gb FC製品群と Brocade Cloudplex発表 (2011/05/03)

Date: Thu, 05 May 2011 19:30:40 +0900
US Brocadeのプレスリリース等です:


"Brocade Advances Data Center Fabric Leadership With Innovative Private
 Cloud-Optimized Networking Solutions"

The New Brocade 16 Gbps Fibre Channel Portfolio
*)Brocade DCX 8510 Backbone
*)Brocade 6510 Switch
*)Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter
*)Brocade Network Advisor 11.1
*)Brocade Fabric OS 7.0

Brocade > Data Center Best Practices > Resource Center

こちらは Company's Vision

"Brocade Unveils Vision for the Virtual Enterprise"

  "today introduced a new technology architecture that outlines the
   company's vision and the technology investments it will make to help
   its customers evolve their data centers and IT resources and migrate
   them to the "Virtual Enterprise."

   Brocade intends to deliver on this vision through the Brocade CloudPlex
   architecture, an open, extensible framework intended to enable
   customers to build the next generation of distributed and virtualized
   data centers in a simple, evolutionary way that preserves their ability
   to dictate all aspects of the migration. What is unique about the
   Brocade Cloudplex architecture is that it is both the foundation for
   integrated compute blocks, but it also embraces a customer's existing
   multi-vendor infrastructure to unify all of their assets into a single
   compute and storage domain."


CloudPlex Components:

The currently available components are
*)Networks comprised of Ethernet fabrics and Fibre Channel fabrics
*)Multiprotocol fabric adapters
*)High-performance application delivery products

The components on the roadmap are:
*)Brocade Virtual Compute Blocks (Integrated, tested and validated
  solution bundles of server, virtualization, networking and storage
*)Powerful and universal fabric and network extension, including virtual
  private LAN services (VPLS), Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) and FICON
*)Cloud IDs (An advancement of Brocade Fabric ID technology)
*)An open framework for management, provisioning and integration designed
*)Unified education, support and service

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