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[san-tech][03167] Re: Univ of Washington、Intelと共同で Silicon Photonic Chipsセンタ (OpSIS) 設立

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 16:46:52 +0900
[san-tech][02937] Univ of Washington、Intelと共同で Silicon Photonic Chipsセンタ (OpSIS) 設立

このプロジェクトについて Research@Intelのエントリーにありました。

"OpSIS: Helping researchers to develop a new industry"
 February 01, 2011,
 Mario Paniccia, Intel Fellow and director of the Photonics Technology Lab

  "As a final note - OpSIS will be important not just for innovation,
   but for education. In order to develop a new industry, we need to
   develop a new generation of engineers. OpSIS will provide university
   students with the ability to build their own silicon photonics
   experiments - a necessary capability that doesn't exist today.
   These students of today will become the innovators and leaders of
   tomorrow that grow this nascent industry into one that touches
   people's lives in ways we can't even predict today. This is an
   exciting time for silicon photonics and the potential impact it will
   have to everyone's lives."

Mario Paniccia博士は 2011 EE Times ACE Awardの "Innovator of the Year"

2011 EE Times ACE Award Winners

"Intel technologist ACEs tech award"
 May 04, 2011
 Sean Koehl, Technology evangelist in the Intel labs

Intel Research :: Photonics

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