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[san-tech][03067] FreeNAS 8 リリース (2011/05/02)

Date: Fri, 06 May 2011 15:19:33 +0900
FreeBSDベースの Open Source Storage Platformの FreeNAS Version 8が

"FreeNAS 8 - Released."
 02 MAY 2011

  "An Overview on FreeNAS 8
   The release of FreeNAS 8 includes major architectural optimizations,
   a django-driven user interface, and ZFS - lending us some useful
   features like thin provisioning, periodic snapshots, LDAP and Active
   Directory authorization along with the most popular platform sharing

   FreeNAS 8 retains enterprise-class services while eliminating some
   "Home User" functionality such as iTunes/DAAP, Bit Torrent, and UPnP.
   These features will make it back as third-party plugins at a later

ZFS v15 - Zettabyte File System
*)SoftRAID (JBOD,0,1,5)
*)Thin Provisioning - storage for a volume is dynamically allocated up to the proscribed limit.
*)Snapshots - volume backups, can be cloned, shared, modified or used to revert.
*)RAID-Z (1, 2, 3) - variable-stripe-size software RAID with up to 3-disk redundancy.

Quick Start Guide for FreeNAS 8.0

2. What's New in 8.0
  "8.0 represents an entire rewrite from the .7 series of FreeNAS. In
   other words, FreeNAS was rewritten from scratch and features were
   added as the new base stabilized."
  "This FreeNAS version is based on FreeBSD 8.2, but it is called 8.0..."

The FreeNAS Project
"FreeNAS 8.1 Roadmap"
 04 MAY 2011

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