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[san-tech][03028] AmpliStor: Optimized Object Storage for petabyte-scale,unstructured data application

Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2011 06:53:01 +0900
"Amplidata launches object storage system; more SNW Spring 2011 news"
 05 Apr 2011 |,289142,sid5_gci1529592,00.html?track=NL-52

  "Amplidata introduced its first product today, the AmpliStor object
   storage system consisting of a controller, storage node and
   monitoring software for cloud storage and archiving of large digital
   data and online media applications."
  "The AmpliStor AS20 storage node and AmpliStor controller use
   Amplidata's BitSpread core intellectual property for unstructured
   data. BitSpread takes objects from the application, runs them through
   a controller and splits them into sub-blocks. Amplidata's
   BitDynamics software -- an out-of-band agent used for disk monitoring
   and health -- scrubs, verifies, self-heals, repairs and optimizes data
   on disks.
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Optimized Object Storage, Amplidata

  "BitSpread takes a different approach to how data is written to disk:
  it employs an encoding technology to first split and encode each data
   object into many sub-blocks. These are in-turn spread over as many
   disks in the system as possible. As the system only requires a subset
   of the sub-blocks to restore the original data object, it can survive
   the failure of multiple disks or even entire storage nodes. The
   technology is provided on pre-configured, high-density and low-power
   storage appliances termed Amplistor storage nodes"

Amplistor Storage Node
*) 10 x 2TB "Green" SATA disk drives for 20TB raw storage capacity
*) 1U Rack mountable system
*) 2 Gb Ethernet interfaces for network connectivity

*) http/REST API
*) C Language API
*) Python CLI

Use Cases
"Optimized Object Storage for Petabyte-Scale Unstructured Data"
 March 2011
"AmpliStor: Optimized Object Storage for Storage Clouds"
 March 2011
"AmpliStor: Optimized Object Storage for Online Applications"
 March 2011
"Optimized Object Storage for Petabyte-Scale Active Archives"
 March 2011

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