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[san-tech][02315] Re: Intel 48コアチップ (Single-chip Cloud Computer)

Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 07:56:05 +0900
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[san-tech][02179] Intel 48コアチップ (Single-chip Cloud Computer)
[san-tech][02200] Re: Intel 48コアチップ (Single-chip Cloud Computer)

ざっと眺めた限りでは日時が解りませんが、48コアチップ (Single-chip Cloud
Computer) のデモマシンを公開したようです (ヨーロッパで?)

"Intel Demos Working System Based on 48-Core Chip.", 05/21/2010

  "Intel Corp. recently demonstrated a system based on the experimental
   48-core supercomputer on chip (SCC) processor. The system appears to
   look like just an ordinary personal computer and seems to operate
   flawlessly. Unfortunately, Intel share no benchmark numbers for the
   prototype processor that belongs to the company's Terascale Research

  "According to Intel, the 48-core chip operates at the clock-speed
   comparable to Intel Atom microprocessors, which means that the
   frequency of the microprocessors is in the range between 1.60GHz and

  "The prototype chip contains 24 tiles with two x86 cores per each,
   which results in 48 cores ? the largest number ever placed on a
   single piece of silicon. Each core can run a separate OS and software
   stack and act like an individual compute node that communicates with
   other compute nodes over a packet-based network. Every core sports
   its own L2 cache and each tile sports a special router logic that
   allows tiles to communicate with each other. A 24-router mesh network
   with 256GB/s bisection bandwidth. The processor sports four integrated
   DDR3 memory controllers, or one controller per twelve cores."

  "The SCC can run all 48 cores at one time over a range of 25W to 125W
   and selectively vary the voltage and frequency of the mesh network as
   well as sets of cores. Each tile (2 cores) can have its own frequency,
   and groupings of four tiles (8 cores) can each run at their own voltage."

Mainboard of Intel 48-core SCC prototype system. Please click to enlarge
Mainboard of Intel 48-core SCC prototype system.
Intel 48-core SCC prototype system. Please click to enlarge

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