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Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010 21:12:15 +0900
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[san-tech][02179] Intel 48コアチップ (Single-chip Cloud Computer)

Intel Technology Journalの Volume 13 (2009), Issue 04号は

Addressing the Challenges of Tera-scale Computing


Table of Contents
 * Foreword
 * A Design Pattern Language for Engineering (Parallel) Software
 * Hardware and Software Approaches for Deterministic Multi-processor Replay of Concurrent Programs
 * A Programming Model for Heterogeneous Intel x86 Platforms
 * Flexible and Adaptive On-chip Interconnect for Tera-scale Architectures
 * Tera-scale Memory Challenges and Solutions
 * Ultra-low Voltage Technologies for Energy-efficient Special-purpose Hardware Accelerators
 * Lessons Learned from the 80-core Tera-scale Research Processor

Intel Technology Journal

"Powering Future Systems Innovations"
 Wen-Hann Wang, VP, Intel Labs, Director of Circuits & Systems Research
 03.29.10, Parallel@Illinois Distinguished Lecture Series
Wen-Hann Wang

Parallel@Illinois DLS (Distinguished Lecture Series) Archives

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