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[san-tech][03192] Intel Many Integrated Core (Intel MIC) Architectureプレスリリース資料等@ISC 2011

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 10:33:06 +0900

"HPC @ Intel 2011"
 2011/06/16, channelintel, 5:35, 720p
*)Promotional Video
[san-tech][03205] Video: Kirk Skaugen, Intel at ISC'11 (Re: Intel Many Integrated Core (Intel MIC) Architectureプレスリリース資料等@ISC 2011)

"Tilera Unveils the Ultimate Cloud Computing Processor"
 June 21, 2011

  "... today unveiled the TILE-Gx 3000 processor family specifically
   designed for today's most common cloud computing applications.
   Co-developed with some of the world's largest Internet brands,
   the TILE-Gx 3000 processors are optimized for cloud datacenters.
   The family delivers a 10-fold performance-per-watt advantage over
   Intel's SandyBridge processor family by supplying an unprecedented
   reduction in total system power consumption and footprint, and
   provides an estimated 50 percent reduction in total cost of
   ownership (TCO)."

TILE-Gx 3000 Series

(↑の”Tilera throws gauntlet at Intel's feet",21st June 2011, The Registerも)
"New Tilera Chips Target Largest Data Centers"
 June 21st, 2011, Data Center Knowledge

"Intel Touts Manycore Coprocessor at Supercomputing Conference"
 June 20, 2011, HPCwire

"Tilera throws gauntlet at Intel's feet"
 21st June 2011, The Register
ISC (International Supercomputing Conference ) での Intel社のニュース

"Intel Equipped to Lead Industry to Era of Exascale Computing"

  "Intel Many Integrated Core (Intel MIC) Architecture Shows Strength
   as Critical Component of Intel’s Exascale Computing Solution

   *)With collaboration partners, Intel aims to deliver complete
     technology solution for exascale performance by the end of
     the decade.
   *)Demonstrations from key supercomputing centers such as
     Forschungszentrum Juelich, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre,
     CERN and KISTI underscore momentum of IntelR Many Integrated
     Core Architecture.
   *)Intel processor-powered supercomputers make up 77 percent of
     the latest TOP500 list of supercomputers and nearly 88 percent
     of all new entries in 2011."

Intel MICに関しては、

  "The first Intel MIC product, codenamed "Knights Corner,” is
   planned for production on Intel's 22-nanometer technology that
   featuring innovative 3-D Tri-Gate transistors. Intel is currently
   shipping Intel MIC software development platforms, codenamed
   "Knights Ferry," to select development partners."
  "Intel also showed server and workstation platforms from SGI, Dell,
   HP, IBM, Colfax and Supermicro, all of which are working with Intel
   to plan products based on "Knights Corner." "SGI recognizes the
   significance of inter-processor communications, power, density and
   usability when architecting for exascale," said SGI CTO Dr. Eng Lim
   Goh. "The Intel MIC products will satisfy all four of these
   priorities, especially with their anticipated increase in compute
   density coupled with familiar X86 programming environment.""
※SGI CTO Eng Lim Goh博士のビデオはあとで紹介します。

ISC 2011での MIC関連プレス資料等:
"International Supercomputing Conference 2011"

News Fact Sheet
"Intel Many Integrated Core (Intel MIC) Architecture ISC'11 Demos and
 Performance Description"
 June 20, 2011
"Intel: Accelerating the Path to Exascale"
 Kirk Skaugen
 Vice President Intel Architecture Group
 General Manager Data Center Group

※上の 2つの資料には、CERN, FZ Julich, KISTI, LRZによる、プロトタイプの
Knights Ferryの評価が報告されています
7.4 TFLOPS SGEMM in a node:
8xKnights Ferry@1.2GHz, 2GB GDDR5@3.6GT/s + 2xX5690@3.46GHz, 24GB DDR3
CXT8000 Server, Intel 5520 chipset + 4 PLX PEX8647 Gen2 PCIe switches

Tech Brief:
"Parallel Programming. Multicore processors TODAY, many-core
 co-processors READY"
"Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) Architecture - Performance and

Intel Many Integrated Core (Intel MIC)

SGI CTO Eng Lim Goh博士のビデオ:
"SGI Picks the Intel MIC Swim Lane for Exascale by 2018"
 2011/06/20, RichReport, 5:46, 480p

  "In this video, SGI's Dr. Eng Lim Goh presents the company's plans
   to use the Intel MIC architecture on the road to Exascale computing
   by 2018. Recorded at the Intel Exascale briefing at ISC'11 in
   Hamburg on June 20, 2011."

"Intel readying MIC x64 coprocessor for 2012"
 20th June 2011
  "... If I had to guess, I would say that the chip used in the
   Knights Corner coprocessor will have 64 cores and vector units
   on a ring interconnect - or perhaps multiple rings within rings
   - and that the number of activated cores and vectors will depend
   on how many bits of gunk kill off computing units on a chip as
   the 22 nanometer processes ramp."
※現行 MIC関しても、完結に良くまとめてあります。

"Intel code guru: Many-core world requires radical rethink"
 20th June 2011
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