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[san-tech][01734] Re: ジャイアントセコイア(20PF HPC用インフラ)

Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 20:46:27 +0900
[san-tech][01483] ジャイアントセコイア (20PF HPC用インフラ)
[san-tech][01532] Re: ジャイアントセコイア (20PF HPC用インフラ)
[san-tech][01597] Re: ジャイアントセコイア (20PF HPC用インフラ)

またまた NIF (National Ignition Facility) からみのニュースですが
"Dedication of world's largest laser marks the dawn of a new era"
 May 29, 2009

写真の女性は Dianne Feinstein上院議員 (カリフォルニア州、民主党) です。
United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, California
Schwarzeneggerカリフォルニア州知事 (共和党)も参列したのですが、
"Governor Schwarzenegger Dedicates World’s Largest Laser System"
※そういえば、州知事変わりましたね (2011/06/12)。

"米の世界最大レーザー核融合施設、スーパーレーザーを公開". 2009年05月31日

"Harnessing the power of the sun & stars on Earth", 2009年05月29日,
"World's largest laser opens", 2009-05-29

"How Fusion Works", 2009年05月29日, FoxNewsChannel

National Ignition Facility (NIF)
HiPER (一応 Webページを)

"Fusion dreams delayed", 27 May 2009, Nature  459, 488-489 (2009)
"But the first experiments capable of validating fusion for power
 would not come until the end of 2025, five years later than the
 date set when the ITER agreement was signed in 2006."

"The new scheme, known as 'Scenario 1' to ITER insiders, will be
 discussed on 17-18 June in Mito, Japan," ... "It is expected to be
 approved at a council meeting in November."

"Construction costs are likely to double from the 5-billion EUR
 (US$7-billion) estimate provided by the project in 2006, as a
 result of rises in the price of raw materials, gaps in the original
 design, and an unanticipated increase in staffing to manage
 procurement. The cost of ITER's operations phase, another 5 billion
 EUR over 20 years, may also rise."

"In fact, the ultimate cost of ITER may never be known. Because 90%
 of the project will be managed directly by individual member states,
 the central organization has no way of gauging how much is being

国際熱核融合実験炉 ITERウェブサイト

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