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[san-tech][01597] Re: ジャイアントセコイア (20PF HPC用インフラ)

Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 07:17:05 +0900
[san-tech][01734] Re: ジャイアントセコイア(20PF HPC用インフラ)
[san-tech][01483] ジャイアントセコイア (20PF HPC用インフラ)
[san-tech][01532] Re: ジャイアントセコイア (20PF HPC用インフラ)

米 ASCプロジェクトの関連資料です:
"Advanced Simulation and Computing National Code Strategy
 Simulation-Based Complex Transformation", (36 Pages)
 Kenneth Alvin, SNL Lead, Njema Frazier, Acting Deputy Director
 Robert Meisner, Acting Director,  January 2009

Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Overview and Background
3.0 ASC National Code Strategy
4.0 Risk Assessment for the National Code Strategy
5.0 Summary and Impact
Appendix A. Implementation of the National Code Strategy
Appendix B. Taxonomy of Integrated Codes Program
Appendix C. Code Project and Product Terminology

文中で繰り返されて使用される "National Code" という言葉に、開発された

> "The ASC Sequoia Programming Model,"
>  Mark Seager, LLNL-SR-406177, 2008 Aug 06.
Mark Seager博士は協力者リストには含まれていませんが、当然関係者に

"DSB Task Force Report on Advanced Computing", March 2009 (64 Pages)

Reports, Defense Science Board
Defense Science Board
DSB: Defense Science Board (国防科学委員会) の紹介
国防科学委員会 (日本語での簡単な紹介)

Recommendations (Page 7)
・"ASC should develop and frequently update a formal strategic plan."
・"ASC budgets should be sized to provide adequate funding for the
computer development and programming applications needed to meet
the srated goals of the nuclear weapon progaram."
・"The Task Force recommends aggressively pursuing the ASC program to
help assure theat HPC advances are available to the broad national
security community."
・"NNSA should seek the views of experts in cyber security before
expanding into some of the potential uses of NNSA classified machines."
・"The Task Force recommends including a significant level of research
and development funds in its pursuit the next generation of petascale
and then exascale level computing capability." ... "maintain U.S.
leadership in HPC."

F-22 1機と 1PFの CrayXT5の調達価格がほぼ同じ国ですから・・・

Advanced Simulation & Computing (ASC) at the NNSA (National Nuclear
Security Administration)
National Nuclear Security Administration
National Ignition Facility (NIF) も何とか進んでいるようですね
"Department of Energy Announces Completion of World’s Largest Laser",
 March 31, 2009
"NIF Breaks the One-Megajoule Barrier"
  March 10, 2009
  "At 3:00 AM on March 10, NIF became the world's first fusion laser
   facility to break the one-megajoule barrier."
Project Status , NIF
[san-tech][02756] US NIFのファイルシステム (データベース) についての報告

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