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[san-tech][02648] "Object-Oriented Storage: 14 Things You May Not Know", eWeek, 2010-09-15

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 23:53:09 +0900

"Object-Oriented Storage: 14 Things You May Not Know"
 By Chris Preimesberger on 2010-09-15

Chris Preimesberger

知らない (驚く、都合が良い) ことがいくつもあります・・・

  "The source for this slide show is Caringo, an Austin, Texas-based
   provider of content storage software enabling clustered storage
   for active and archived content."

とあり、納得しました (スライドの中には Caringoの名前は出てきません)。


Caringo, Inc.
[san-tech][02495] Caringo (Father of the Content Addressing concept) Receives $5M in New Funding
> Caringo Partners and Developers
>   "Dell DX Object Storage Platform powered by Caringo's object storage
>    software is designed to intelligently access, store, protect and distribute
>    fixed digital content. For more information on the Dell DX Object Storage
>    Platform, "
> Dell DX Object Storage Platform
> Intelligent Data Management

先週、↑に関連した記事が The Registerにありました

"Dell resells Bridgehead software with DX6000", 10th September 2010

  "Dell is reselling Bridgehead software with its DX6000 object storage
   array - the one using OEM'd Caringo software that competes with EMC's
   Centera. It's also integrating Enterprise Vault."

BridgeHead Software Limited

"BridgeHead and Dell offer holistic storage and data management
 specifically for hospitals", September 9, 2010

"Caringo: Keep taking the CAStor oil", 11th May 2010
[san-tech][02495] Caringo (Father of the Content Addressing concept) Receives $5M in New Funding

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