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[san-tech][02495] Caringo (Father of the Content Addressing concept) Receives $5M in New Funding

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 00:57:59 +0900
[san-tech][03170] Calxeda (ARMベース大規模サーバ開発中) がソフトウェアイニシアチブを結成
[san-tech][02648] "Object-Oriented Storage: 14 Things You May Not Know", eWeek, 2010-09-15
Content Addressing concept生みの親の Paul Carpentier氏が CTO & Founderの
Caringo Incが新たな資金を確保出来たとのことです:

"Caringo Receives $5 Million in Funding for Next-Generation Content
 Storage Software", July 26, 2010

Paul Carpentier, CTO and Founder

  "At FilePool, he invented the technology that created the Content
   Addressed Storage industry. FilePool, was sold to EMC who turned
   CAS into a multi-billion dollar marketplace."

  "Mr. Carpentier has six patents in his name. Caringo, based on
   two of Mr. Carpentier's patents promises to revolutionize the data
   storage business in much the same manner that CAS created a whole
   new marketplace."

製品群 (詳細は各ページをみて下さい):
Content Router
CAStor Content File Server (Standard File Access to CAStor)

Join our online community. Download CAStor! (評価版等ダウンロード)
Registering for CaringoConnect Includes:
  CAStor software with a 2TB license key
  4TB CAStor license key
  CloudFolder software : Online access to your cloud (4TB)
  CAStor SDK : Integrate your application to CAStor storage
  Access to CaringoConnect community
※System Requirements等に注意して下さい

Download CAStor Software Development Kit (SDK)
※SDKは上記 CAStorに含まれています。

Resource Library
※パンフレット、ホワイトペーパー (要登録) 等

"Traditional storage models disrupted!", Paul Carpentier, CTO
 Storage Expo 2010 Conference Keynote Presentation, March 24, 2010
"The Future of Content Storage", Paul Carpentier, CTO
 European Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2007, February 12th - 14th, 2007

What is CAS
The Age of CAS
Storage Acquisitions: Do the Research, Do the Math

CaringoCAStor, YouTube
※解説ビデオが 3編

Caringo Partners and Developers
  "Dell DX Object Storage Platform powered by Caringo's object storage
   software is designed to intelligently access, store, protect and distribute
   fixed digital content. For more information on the Dell DX Object Storage
   Platform, "

Dell DX Object Storage Platform
Intelligent Data Management

以下は、Paul Carpentier, CTO and Founderの特許情報:
"Navigation of the content space of a document set"
  United States Patent 7263521
  Inventors: Carpentier, Paul R. M.; Willems, Maarten J. P. A.; Winters, Joris
  Publication Date: 08/28/2007, Filing Date: 12/08/2003
  Assignee: Caringo, Inc.

"Additional hash functions in content-based addressing"
  United States Patent 7373345
  Inventors: Carpentier, Paul R. M.; Forret, Peter; Willems, Maarten J. P. A.
  Publication Date: 05/13/2008, Filing Date: 02/19/2004
  Assignee: Caringo, Inc.

EMCに譲渡した特許 (United States Patent番号のみ)
Inventors: Carpentier, Paul R.; Van Riel, Jan F.; Teugels, Tom
Assignee: EMC Corporation
"Content addressable information encapsulation, representation, and transfer"
  United States Patent 6807632, 7398391, 7415731, 7475432, 7591022,
  Publication Date: 10/19/2004, Filing Date: 01/21/1999 (6807632)
"System and method for secure storage, transfer and retrieval of content
 addressable information"
  United States Patent 6976165
  Publication Date: 12/13/2005, Filing Date: 09/07/1999
"Access to content addressable data over a network"
  United States Patent 7487551, 7503076, 7530115, 7506157
  Publication Date: 02/03/2009, Filing Date: 12/07/2005 (7487551)

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