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[san-tech][02269] "Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing", The Open Group, April, 2010

Date: Sat, 01 May 2010 23:31:05 +0900
The Open Groupがクラウドコンピューティングについてのホワイトペーパーを

"Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing"
 Cloud Business Artifacts Project, Cloud Computing Work Group,
 The Open Group, April, 2010 (27-Apr-2010)
※PDF版ではありません 現時点では HTML版のみの公開です。

Executive Summary

  "This White Paper presents the initial conclusions from The Open Group
   on how to build and measure Return on Investment (ROI) from Cloud
   Computing. It was produced by the Cloud Business Artifacts (CBA)
   project of The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group."

  "This White Paper:
    * Introduces the main factors affecting ROI from Cloud Computing,
      and compares the business development of Cloud Computing with
      that of other innovative technologies
    * Describes the main approaches to building ROI by taking advantage
      of the benefits that Cloud Computing provides
    * Describes approaches to measuring this ROI, absolutely and in
      comparison with traditional approaches to IT, by giving an
      overview of Cloud Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics

   The result is an analysis of how to build and measure ROI that will
   help businesses to reap the benefits of Cloud Computing, and take
   advantage of its potential for incremental improvement and disruptive
   transformation of business processes."

The Open Group Cloud Work Group

解説 Blog
"Open Group Publishes Guidelines on Cloud Computing ROI"
 April 29, 2010

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