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[san-tech][02244] "Teranetics Announces Industry's Smallest Quad 10GBASE-T PHY"

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 04:56:47 +0900
[san-tech][02679] PLX Technology to Acquire Teranetics, Sept. 23, 2010
[san-tech][02312] Re: "Teranetics Announces Industry's Smallest Quad 10GBASE-T PHY"
Arista 7500の低消費電力化と関係あるかもしれませんが、Teraneticsの

"Teranetics Announces Industry's Smallest Quad 10GBASE-T PHY"
 April 19, 2010

  " announced its new 40nm TN8000 Family of PHYs. Among this
   third generation of PHYs, the TN8044 is the industry's smallest
   quad-port 10GBASE-T PHY further driving dense, highlyefficient,
   switch applications. The TN8022 (dual-port) and TN8020 (single-port)
   offer the power-efficiency required to enable 10GBASE-T adapter
   card designs."

  "The new TN8000 family, continuing Teranetics lowpower leadership,
   dissipates less than 4 watts per port at a full 100 meters, and as
   little as 2 watts per port in short reach mode"

  "The TN8000 family will also offer support for the emerging Energy
   Efficient Ethernet standard (EEE, or IEEE 802.3az)."

IEEE P802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet Task Force

10G PHY関連の EETimesの記事
"Startup drives 10G Ethernet to 40 nm", 05/11/2009;?articleID=217400093

  "Now Aquantia is disclosing progress on a 40 nm design it says could
   signal the start of a mainstream 10G market sometime late next year.
   The startup hopes to sample late this year the first members of a
   family of one- to four-port transceivers for the 10GBase-T standard
   that draw 3.5W per port for ranges up to 100 meters."


"Solarflare integrates 10GBase-T on a single chip", 08/24/2009;?articleID=219401118

  "Solarflare is sampling single-chip 10GBase-T controllers that
   consume less than 8W for single-port or 13W for dual-port versions.
  The company hopes the chips get planted on server motherboards by 2011."
Solarflare Communications

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> The Terminator 4 ASIC

> White Paper on Chelsio Terminator 4 ASIC
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