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[san-tech][02137] 大規模HPC向けデバッガ開発

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 16:21:49 +0900
オーストラリア Monash大学 Abramson教授が進めている
大規模 HPC向けデバッガ環境開発に US DOEの予算が付きました:

"International recognition for Australian supercomputer debuggers"
 18 February 2010 (HPCWireの記事は March 08, 2010)

  "The research team, led by the Lab's Director, Professor David
   Abramson, recently received funding support from the United
   States Department of Energy, an agency leading an international
   supercomputer R&D consortium that includes IBM, and has a
   commercialisation agreement with supercomputer manufacturing
   giant Cray.

   Professor Abramson said the funding support from the US Department
   of Energy, together with an Australian Research Council Linkage
   grant with Cray, would enable the research team to "develop
   debuggers that scale to millions of processors. It will also allow
   us to leverage state-of-the-art software development environments
   to improve programmer productivity.""

  ""While traditional debuggers work by comparing program variables
   with user expectations, our 'relative' debugging operates by comparing
   data in one program with data in another that is known to be correct.
   So it works by detecting where the codes differ rather than from the
   principle of how the code should be,' Professor Abramson said."

David Abramson, Professor of Computer Science
Director - Monash eScience and Grid Engineering Lab
Monash University
Monash eScience and Grid Engineering Laboratory
MeSsAGE Lab Publications
"Relative Debugging" (1995~) がキーワードな気がしますが、

United States Patent 5838975:
  "Method for testing and debugging computer programs"
  Abramson, David Andrew and Sosic, Rok
Filing Date: 04/18/1995, Publication Date: 11/17/1998
  "A computerized method of testing and debugging an executable
   behaviorally unknown computer program by dynamic comparison with an
   executable behaviorally known computer program. The method controls
   execution of each program and compares related variable values at
   selected breakpoints in each program. If the variable values are
   equal within a certain error range the method continues execution of
   each program. If there is a significant difference between the variable
   values the method reports a fault and allows the option of terminating
   or continuing the method."

Rok Sosic
School of Computing & Information Technology
Griffith University

Sixth international symposium on Automated analysis-driven debugging
AADEBUG2005, September 19-21, 2005

AADEBUG2003, September 8-10, 2003

AADEBUGは 1993年から開催されていましたが、
"Unfortunately, because of lack of submissions we decided to cancel AADEBUG this year."
Algorithmic and Automatic Debugging Home Page
Clinton L. Jeffery, Associate professor, University of Idaho

Automated and Algorithmic Debugging (AADEBUG)
The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography

"Swiss computing lab offers free bug-immunity tool", 27th January 2010

dimmunix: Deadlock immunity system for Java/C/C++ software
Dependable Systems Lab, EPFL
Dimmunix: Deadlock Immunity

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