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[san-tech][03234] Yahoo、Hadoop部隊を Spin Outへ

Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 00:37:13 +0900
前にも噂になりましたが、Yahooが Hadoopプロジェクトを Spin Outすることが
ほぼ確実になったようです (新会社の経営陣の名前が特定されています):

"Yahoo Spins Out Hadoop Startup"
 June 29, 2011, Network Computing
※私の環境 (FireFox 5.0) では文字が表示された瞬間にロードを止めないと、
無限リロード地獄に陥ります (あっというまに CPU/Memory Usageが・・・)

  "A core development group at Yahoo is being given venture capital
   backing and will be spun off to further the rapid enterprise-style
   development of Hadoop. Within a few days, "something over 20" core
   committers and architects of Hadoop code will move off the Yahoo
   campus in Sunnyvale, Calif., into offices nearby to form Hortonworks,
   an independent company, said Eric Baldeschweiler, Yahoo's VP of
   software engineering for Hadoop, in an interview. He will become
   CEO of the new firm."

   "Jay Rossiter, senior VP of the cloud platform group at Yahoo,
   said Hortonworks not only has Yahoo's blessing but Yahoo is an
   investor in it, along with Benchmark Capital. The number of
   developers leaving Yahoo is a fraction of the total working on
   Hadoop. The two groups will "co-develop the next Hadoop release
   together," Rossiter said in an interview."

  "Rob Bearden, a partner at Benchmark, will become COO of Hortonworks.
   He is the former president of SpringSource, the firm behind the
   Spring Framework for Java developers, acquired in 2009 by VMware
   for $420 million."

"Yahoo Readies Hadoop for Spin-off, Big Data Gains"
 June 28th, SiliconANGLE

[san-tech][03230] MapR: 2つのディストリビューションを公開、June 29, 2011
  Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 19:21:47 +0900
> "MapR unleashes two 'next-generation' Hadoop distros"
>  Well, one next-generation, and one free semi-next
>  29th June 2011, The Register

> "Battle on: MapR, Cloudera pimp their Hadoop products"
>  Jun. 29, 2011, GigaOM
> "Cloudera Crashes Hortonworks Party with Hadoop Enterprise Update"
>  June 29th, SiliconANGLE
> Hadoop Summit 2011 - Yahoo! Developer Network

"Atom smasher claims Hadoop cloud migration victory"
 Big-data love in the datacenter
 30th June 2011, The Register

SeaMicro Atom vs Xeon cluster on Hadoop data chewing

"Yahoo! tech boss gazes beyond Hadoop"
 MapReduce goes only so fast
 30th June 2011, The Register

  ""With the paths that go through Hadoop [at Yahoo!], the latency
   is about fifteen minutes," Yahoo! chief technology officer Raymie Stata
   told The Register at the company's annual Hadoop Summit on Wednesday
   in Santa Clara, California. "In some cases, that's plenty 'real-time'.
   And we have been trying to get that down to less than fifteen minutes.
   But it will never be true real-time. It will never be what we call
   'next click', where I click and by the time the page loads, the semantic
   implication of my decision is reflected in the page.""

※以前フライングしたから、Spin Outの件は、The Registerでは取り上げて

前からチェックしている、High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC)

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