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[san-tech][02792] テキサス大学コンピュータ学部校舎建て替え (Gate基金、Dell基金からの寄付)

Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 02:44:24 +0900
$120Mのうち、$30Mは Bill & Melinda Gates基金、$10は Michael & Susan Dell
基金 (こちらは他と合わせて $50M) からの寄付とのことです。

"University of Texas at Austin Breaks Ground on New Gates Computer
 Science Complex, Dell Hall"
 02 November, 2010

  "More than $40 million in private funding has been raised so far to
   construct the building complex, $30 million of which was contributed
   by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation."

  "Dell Computer Science Hall, the north building of the complex, has
   been named to honor the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation's $50 million
   gift to the University of Texas System to support a variety of
   programs in technology and human health. That gift includes $10 million
   for building of the complex."
  "The total cost of the complex is $120 million, of which $97 million
   has been committed. In addition to the $40 million in private funding,
   The University of Texas System committed $20 million and The University
   of Texas at Austin committed $37 million. The College of Natural
   Sciences is seeking $23 million to complete the complex."

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