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[san-tech][02718] 講演資料:Workshop on Data Center - Converged and Virtual Ethernet Switching (2010/09/06)

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 14:17:48 +0900
2010年 9月 6日に開催された、

2nd Workshop on Data Center - Converged and Virtual Ethernet Switching

プログラム (題目のみ):
WS 1 - Ethernet Virtual Bridging
"Virtual Switching in an Era of Advanced Edges"
"A Case for VEPA: Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator"

WS 2 - Automation of Ethernet Virtual Bridging
"VMready - Implementation of a Profile Based Virtual Port Switching
"Ethernet Virtual Bridging Automation Use Cases"

WS 3 - Forwarding Approaches for Data Center Networks
"Introduction to Port Extension (IEEE P802.1Qbh)"
"Comparative Evaluation of CEE-based Switch Adaptive Routing"

WS 4 - Management and Optimization of Data Center Network
"Implementation and Evaluation of Network Management System to Reduce
 Management Cost Caused by Server Virtualization"
"Faster and Efficient VM Migrations for Improving SLA and ROI in
 Cloud Infrastructures"
[san-tech][02345] 講演資料:First Workshop on Data Center - Converged and Virtual Ethernet Switching, (2009/09/14)
Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 11:25:38 +0900

2009年 9月 14日に開催された

First Workshop on Data Center - Converged and Virtual Ethernet Switching (DC CAVES)

の講演資料・ペーパーが上記 Webページで公開されています。

"Opening Remarks"
 R. Recio (IBM, USA)

Invited Keynote
"Data Centre Networking at Orange"
 R. Kung (Orange Labs, France)

WS 1 - Converged Data Center Network - Scalability
"Addressing the Scalability of Ethernet with MOOSE"
 M. Scott, A. Moore & J. Crowcroft (Cambridge University, UK)
"Scaling-out Ethernet for the Data"
 Y. Haviv, M. Lipshteyn & O. Gerlitz (Voltaire, Israel)
"Benchmarking the Ethernet-Federated Datacenter"
 M. Gusat & C. Minkenberg (IBM Zurich, Switzerland)
 C. DeCusatis (IBM, USA)
 L. McKenna & K. Bhardwaj (IBM Tivoli, Australia)
 G.J. Paljak, A. Pataricza & I. Kocsis (University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)
"Fibre Channel over Convergence Enhanced Ethernet Enterprise Data Center Use Cases"
 D. Eisenhauer & R. Recio (IBM, USA)

WS 2 - Converged Data Center Network - Performance
"Network Performance Considerations in Virtualized Data Centers"
 M. Beck & M. Kagan (Mellanox Technologies, Israel)
"OSF - Open Service Framework"
 A. Gorti (IBM, USA)
 V. Pandey (Blade Network Technologies, USA)

WS 3 - Convergence and Virtualization at the Access Layer
"Introduction to Port Extension"
 J. Pelissier (Cisco, USA)
"A General-Purpose API for iWARP and InfiniBand"
 R.D. Russell (University of New-Hampshire, USA)
"Automated Ethernet Virtual Bridging"
 R. Recio & O. Cardona (IBM, USA)

21st International Teletraffic Congress (ITC21)
Traffic and Performance Issues in Networks of the Future,
 September 15-17, 2009
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