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[san-tech][02665] Raritan Power IQ 2.0 Energy Management Softwareリリース

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 21:34:09 +0900
Raritanのデータセンター管理ソフト、Power IQがバージョンアップしました:

"Raritan's Power IQ 2.0 Energy Management Software Helps Data Center
 Managers Conserve Energy with New Thermal Analytics"
 September 14, 2010

  "Power IQ 2.0 provides Thermal Analytics for monitoring rack
   temperatures based on industry guidelines, including ASHRAE's
   (...) guidelines that recommend the upper temperature limit in a data
   center be increased by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit to 80.6 degrees." ...
   Power IQ provides a comprehensive solution to: inform users if a data
   center or lab is within these recommendations and how much energy could
   be saved by increasing temperature to meet these new recommendations;
   alert users if temperature exceeds threshold conditions; and, provide
   long-term trend charts.  The solution also enables graceful shut down
   of underutilized Windows and Linux servers."

以下の "agent-less" がどこまで本当に使えるか気になります:

  "Power IQ 2.0's unique agent-less approach enables graceful shut downs
   and start ups of servers connected to any rack power distribution units
   (PDUs).  It does not require additional software to be loaded on the
   target server and leverages standard operation system scripts and

"agent-less" は意外なところに制限があったりして・・・、でも全ての管理対象
に agentをインストールするのは無理だったりして・・・

Power IQ
Power IQ Free Download

"Thank you for your interest in Raritan's Power IQ product with a
 5 device limit. Try it now and you'll see how it provides you with the
 information and automated control you need to intelligently:
*) Increase Energy Efficiency
*) Find Stranded Power Capacity
*) Understand Your Carbon Footprint"

"Raritan Rolls Out Upgraded Data Center Power Management Solution"
 September 20, 2010

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