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[san-tech][02382] "Violin Memory Acquires Gear6 Assets"

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 08:15:04 +0900
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"Violin Memory Acquires Gear6 Assets", June 15, 2010

  "today announced it has acquired the technology assets of Mountain
   View-based Gear6, provider of NAS and Memcached solutions which
   improve the scalability of dynamic web applications and content. 
   The venture funded Gear6 portfolio includes over 30 customers
   and multiple patents related to NFS Caching and Memcached."


"Violin Memory gobbles up Gear6", 16th June 2010

  "Gear6 is a four-year-old startup that supplied Memcached software
   and also NFS caching. The former is an open source, distributed
   memory caching system that stores objects and data from a
   database on a storage array in DRAM.

   Users of memcached, but not Gear6 customers, include Wikipedia,
   Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. They provide faster response to
   users by reducing disk lookups for data. Gear6 had about 30
   customers for its product."

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